There's something incredibly beautiful and peaceful about a fresh blanket of snow. Whether you're looking for a moniker that literally means snow or a name that simply conjures the image, this list of baby names that mean snow is filled with delightful options. Explore the list of names and their meanings and see for yourself!

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  • AspenAspen is a gender neutral name. It is also a city in Colorado known for its snow covered mountains that travelers flock to to ski every winter.
  • NoelNoel is a baby name reminiscent of Christmas holiday. It is a French unisex name. For boys, the name is usually spelled Noel and Noelle for girls .
  • Juneau Juneau is the capital city of Alaska. Because Alaska is covered in ice, snow, and cold temperatures, the capital city lends itself well to unisex baby names. There have been movies with characters of the same name. An alternate spelling of Juneau as a name would be Juno.
  • Haunani Haunani is a Hawaiian word that means “beautiful snow.” It lends itself well as a boy or girl name.
  • Storm Storm is a term that references bad weather. When snow comes down heavy and is associated with wind and ice, it is called a snowstorm. The name is perfect for boys or girls. A “y” can be added to the end to make Stormy.
  • Blaze Blaze is an old English name. It refers to a type of snowstorm.
  • Teli The Hungarian word for winter is teli. Teli can be spelled Telly, and is cute and unusual name that pays homage to snowy weather.
  • Nevada Nevada is a state in the US. And, it also translates to mean snow-clad.
  • Peace Peace is a hip name choice for a baby girl or boy. It has American origins and is ideal as a first or middle name.
  • Cypress Cypress is a Greek name. Cypress is also the name of a tree that is associated with winter and snow. A great nickname for Cypress is Cy.
  • JanuaryJanuary is a winter month. January is thought to be the coldest and snowiest month of the calendar year, which makes it a clever snow-inspired first name.
  • JuniperJuniper is the name of a hardy tree. Unlike some trees, Juniper trees do very well in cold winter months because they are drought-resistant. Juniper is a great name for a stubborn, persistent child.
  • North North is an English name that refers to directions. It's associated with winter and snow because the further north you go, the more likely you are to encounter winter weather including snow and ice. The name was also made popular by Kim Kardashian and Kanye West when they named their oldest child North.
  • WrenWren is a winter bird. It is most often seen resting on a snow-covered branch in an empty tree.
  • Alaska Alaska is the snowiest state in the US. The way the name flows off the tongue makes it ideal for a boy or girl first name.

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