From Frostine to Berfin, each of these girl names that mean winter is delightfully feminine and unique. Explore the options and find the perfect fit for your daughter. Take a look!

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  • Aeronwen A Welsh girl's name that means snow-white berry. This is a unique name that has a memorable meaning. Can use Aeron for short.
  • Alcyone A Greek name for a baby girl that means kingfisher. Perfect for the active and vocal little girl.
  • Amihan From November to May, cool northeastern winds bring winter storms across the Philippines. Amihan is a girl's name that represents this period of the year. A chic and lovely name for a newborn baby girl.
  • Aneira This is a Welsh name that means very snowy. Perfect for that little girl born on a winter's morn.
  • Berfin The name of a winter flower, Galanthus, meaning snowdrop. A nice rare girl's name that also means snow in Kurdish.
  • Blanche Popular in the 19th and 20th centuries as a girl's name that means white. Originated in French and English countries. An old-fashioned name for a quiet, beautiful baby girl.
  • Bora Short and sweet, Bora is an Albanian name meaning snow. Also popular as a boy's name in Turkey.
  • Cherith Hebrew meaning winter stream. Flowing and beautiful, Cherith is a unique name for a baby girl born in the winter.
  • Crystal An English word that signifies ice. A special and sweet name to give a beautiful baby girl.
  • Drifa A unique Icelandic girl's name for a lovely baby girl. Means snowdrift in the wintertime.
  • Eiren This name puts you in mind of the fairy tale, Snow White. Pretty and classic, Eiren is a precious baby girl's name for winter.
  • ElsaMade popular by the movie Frozen, Elsa is a Scandinavian name for a pretty girl.
  • Fjolla Popular in Kosovo, Fjolla is an Albanian female name that means ‘snowflake'. Great name when you are looking for something different.
  • Flykra A rare and intriguing name for a girl, Flykra is of German and Danish origin. Meaning snowflake, it is lovely for a winter baby girl.
  • Frostine A French name meaning snow. For those looking for a more sophisticated name for their winter baby girl.
  • Fuyuko In Japan, my winter child says it all with Fuyuko. Pleasing and also the name of a famous painter, this girl's name has a special ring to it.
  • Haukea Tropical Hawaiian female name that means white snow. A lovely and unique name for a baby born in the winter months.
  • Himi Himi is a short and sweet girl's name that is popular in Indian culture. Also used in Bengali and other surrounding countries. Its meaning is snow.
  • HollyA popular English name that plays a part in the goodness of the winter season. Best known as the evergreen holly tree but has been adopted as a girl's name born around the winter holiday season.
  • Icyln This would be a rare and beautiful name for a girl. It is of English origin and means ‘ice'. The perfect reminder of that blessed winter day.
  • Kalda Perfect for a baby girl that means cold or chills. Originated from ancient Norse. Also a popular brand of footwear and purses.
  • NatashaA popular female name in Russia that means Christmas or winter holiday. Also used in other Russian countries.
  • Nieves Representative of the Virgin Mary our Lady of the Snows in the Spanish culture. Meaning snow, a lovely name for a baby girl.
  • Piren Piren comes from the Mapuche people of Chile. It means to snow or hail and is a lovely name for a baby girl with a Spanish background. A true traditional Mapuche name.
  • ViolaA lovely name for a baby girl born in the winter months. Viola is a Latin word for winter flowers.

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