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Coke Zero vs. Coke Zero Sugar: Is There a Health Difference?

Coke Zero vs. Coke Zero Sugar: Is There a Health Difference?

Coke Zero vs. Coke Zero Sugar: Is there a difference? That's the question worth asking when it comes to both of these sodas and how they contribute to your overall health. While you may think they are the same because they have zero sugar, they taste slightly different.

For example, Coke Zero came out in 2005. The rebrand of this came out in 2017. Twelve years later, Coke Cocola changed the ingredients of their most popular drink. But how does it taste different, and is there any sugar in it? Answering these questions can tell you if Coke Zero Sugar is worth drinking, even after the rebrand.

This guide goes into the history of Coke Zero and how it rebranded. We look at what makes this particular soda unique from other sodas. We also examine how the taste has changed and what health benefits it may offer fans.

Coke Zero vs. Coke Zero Sugar: Uncovering The History

The history of Coke Zero began in 2005 when Coca-Cola decided to release a healthier version of Coca-Cola. This drink was attractive because it offered consumers zero calories and zero sugar while tasting like an original Coke flavor.

The confusing part with Coke Zero, at least for some people, is that Coke Zero is the same as Diet Coke. They are quite different. For example, Coke Zero uses a combination of aspartame and acesulfame potassium as sweeteners. Diet Coke only uses aspartame.

One of the reasons that Coca-Cola launched Coke Zero (or Coke Zero Sugar, which it's known as today) was because consumers were looking for lower-calorie sodas. They were looking to reach a target market that wanted a Coca-Drink that helped them fix their weight and overall health. They didn't want to attract Diet Coke consumers because those consumers were specifically looking for something related to diet fads.

Therefore, Coca-Cola decided to create Coke Zero because it attracted consumers who still enjoyed the original taste of Coca-Cola drinks without the sugar.

Do They Taste Different?

There are very few taste differences between the original Coke Zero and the 2017 rebrand of Coke Zero Sugar. There's only a slight variation to the taste differences, designed to make it taste more like Coca-Cola.

However, beyond this, Coke Zero and Coke Zero Sugar are virtually identical. The only difference is the rebrand and how Coke Zero Sugar was made to taste more like the original Coke, except without the calories or sugar.

What Are the Health Benefits?

The best benefit that Coke Zero and Coke Zero Sugar hold is the fact that they have zero sugar. This helps with weight loss. It also helps with tooth decay.

Another benefit to consider with either one of these sodas, since there is no zero, is how it helps reduce the risk of diabetes. Since diabetes is influenced by sugar intake, Coca-Cola, the original soda, is often a greater contributor to diabetes because it has much more sugar in the ingredients.

How Does Coke Zero Sugar Compare to Other Sodas?

The main competitor to Coke Zero Sugar or Coke Zero is Pepsi Zero Sugar. In fact, Pepsi Zero Sugar was launched in 2007, only a few years after Coke Zero was launched.

As a competitor, Pepsi always works out new things to stay competitive with Coke. The biggest similarities between these drinks are the artificial sweeteners. While they have different ingredients that make them slightly different in taste, they are virtually the same when it comes to having zero sugar and zero calories.

Another interesting thing about these drinks is that they are not great cocktail mixers. The taste is unpleasant if you try to add either of them to cocktails. It doesn't hold the same flavor as it would if you had Coke Zero Sugar or Pepsi Zero Sugar.

What's the better drink between Pepsi Zero Sugar and Coke Zero Sugar? That depends on what soda you prefer drinking more. They each have unique tastes that make them stand out. Each has special ingredients that make them taste like the original while having zero calories or sugar.

Is Coke Zero Sugar Still Worth Drinking?

Is there much of a difference between Coke Zero and Coke Zero Sugar? There isn't much besides a slight variation in taste closer to the original Coke's flavor. Since they are virtually identical, the health benefits are also the same.

Overall, you'll discover that Coke Zero and Coke Zero Sugar are nearly the same in every single way. But the best way to find out if you like the rebrand flavor is to try it yourself.

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