There are plenty of girl names that mean ice, and each brings an element of briskness and femininity. (If you're having a boy, we have boy names that mean ice, too!) Explore this list of names — from Talvi to Crystal to Jaki — and find the perfect name for your daughter!

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  • Hika Hika is a Japanese origin name that is short and sweet. It translates to “ice perfume,” “ice smell,” or “ice petal,” which gives it very feminine vibes.
  • Kori Kori is a catchy name that is a great alternative to the more traditional Katherine. It means “ice.” Kori can also be spelled Kory. The male version of Kori is Corey.
  • Korah Korah is a Hebrew name that means “ice.” An alternative spelling of Korah is Cora.
  • Alba Alba means both bright and white, which make it the best name option for little girls born on bright, icy days.
  • Isdis Isdis is an unusual, yet charming, girls' name. It has Icelandic origins and means “ice goddess.”
  • Elsa – Elsa is associated with ice thanks to the Disney franchise Frozen. In the franchise, Elsa is the ice queen. Everything she touches turns to ice.
  • Kirsi Kirsi is a Finnish origin name that means “frost,” which is usually associated with ice. Kirsi is also a popular choice because “K” names are always trending and popular.
  • Frostine Frostine is a great choice to parents that think Elsa is too popular. Frostine is a French origin name that means “ice queen.”
  • December December is a wintry month full of snow and ice. It's a great icy nod to baby girls born in the holiday month.
  • Talvi Talvi is another Finnish origin name related to ice. Talvi means “winter” in Finnish. Winters are cold in Finland and almost always include tons of ice. Cute nickname ideas for Talvi include Tal and Tally.
  • Isolde Isolde has unknown origins, but many believe it is either Germanic or Celtic. It is a stunning name that means “ice battle.”
  • Neve Neve means snow in Italian and Portuguese and it's also means bright in Ireland. When the sun shines on ice in the winter, it's extremely bright, which makes this a great icy baby girl name. Neve can also be spelled Nieve.
  • Crystal Crystal is a popular baby girl name that means “ice.” When ice forms, it looks and shines like crystals. A good alternate spelling for Crystal is Cristal.
  • Icyln Icyln doesn't mean “ice,” it actually means “compassionate.” But, it does sound similar to icicles, which makes it a great ice-inspired name for little girls. Alternate spellings for this name include Icelynn and Icelyn.
  • Isey Isey is another Icelandic origin name that is easy to pronounce. It means “ice island.”
  • Enya Enya is an ironic icy name. When ice starts to overtake an area, “a little fire” may be exactly what you need, and that is exactly what Enya means.
  • Gwen Gwen technically means “snow,” but since snow and ice go together, Gwen is a great icy name. Gwen can also be a nickname for Gwendolyn or Gwenivere.
  • Jaki Jaki is an Icelandic name that means “ice flow.” It can be pronounced Jackie, and a perfect nickname would be Jak.
  • Lumi Lumi is a cute, two-syllable baby girls' name. It is also the Finnish word for snow. Finland is no stranger to ice and snow, which makes it an icy girl's name.
  • Icy Icy means “ice-like” and is a popular little girls' name. It's short and sweet, and perfect for little ones that make their entrance on particularly icy days.
  • Olwen Olwen is meant to mean “snowy footprint.” When the weather is especially cold and ice is everywhere, Olwen will leave a mark wherever she goes.
  • Skadi Skadi is the mythological goddess of “hunting and winter.” Surely, the goddess of hunting and winter won't let a little snow and ice keep her from being where she needs to be in the winter months. It's a creative girls' name for determined baby girls.
  • DemetriaDemetria is a great alternative choice to Elsa and Frostine. It is the name of the Goddess of Winter; therefore the one responsible for ice. A cute nickname for Demetria is Demi, which is also shared by actress Demi Moore and singer Demi Lovato.
  • Isa Isa is a Frisian baby name that means “ice.” It's also an area that covers the northern edge of Germany.
  • BlancaBlanca means white. While ice is usually clear and crystal, it can be white too.

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