If you're looking for a brisk and “zippy” name for your son, this list of boy names that mean ice is filled with some impressive and masculine options. From Tin to Jack to Colden and beyond, this list offers some great variety. Take a look!

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  • Frost Frost as a first name was popular in the 1980s. Although not as popular as it once was, it's still a great one-syllable name for boys born on a frosty, winter day.
  • Buz Buz is a Turkish origin name that translates to mean “ice.” It's a cool name with the Buzz as a spelling alternative.
  • Colden Colden actually means “the dark valley.” But, with the word “cold” in the name, it's a great choice for parents looking for an icy name.
  • Ismund Ismund is a spin-off of more traditional boy names like “Raymund” or “Edmund.” It's also a strong German man that translates to mean “ice protection.”
  • Aisi Aisi means “ice” in the Tongan language. The short, sweet name make it ideal for first or middle names.
  • Isarr Isarr is a trendy first name choice. It translates to mean “ice army.”
  • Isbert Isbert is an alternative to more traditional boys' names like Hubert and Gilbert. The Ancient Germanic name means “bright ice.” The perfect nickname for boys named Isbert is Bert.
  • Siku Siku is an Intuit name that translates to mean “ice.” It has a masculine ring to it.
  • ZaneZane is a cool kids' name and the word also means snow. The cool factor for most Zane's is so high, they simply go by “Z.”
  • Tin Tin translates to ice in the Navajo language. It's one syllable pronunciation gives it a masculine and edgy tone.
  • Bylur Bylur is a name you don't hear very often. It's an Icelandic word that means “snowstorm.” The fiercest snowstorms include heavy snow and ice. Bylur would be a strong boys' name with several nickname options.
  • JackJack as a first name can be a subtle nod to Jack Frost. Jack Frost is the personification of snow, sleet and ice, which makes it a traditional choice with an edgy meaning for little boys.
  • Warrin Warrin is a name that refers to the coldest winter months. It's the time of year where everything outside is covered in snow and ice. The most common spelling alternative for Warrin is Warren.
  • Fannar Fannar is a good alternative to the trendy Tanner. It translates to mean “snowdrift.” While most snowdrifts are made completely of snow and not ice, there is likely ice on the ground and icicles hanging from nearby rooftops.
  • Ice Ice literally means “frozen water.” Ice has become a trendy name for boys thanks to hip hop artists Vanilla Ice, Ice Cube, and Ice Tea. It is perfectly acceptable as a first name and a great middle name option too.

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