Now that you’ve found the perfect first name, it’s time to select the ideal middle name for your little one. Here are some wonderful middle names for your baby that start with the letter N.

Middle Names That Start with N

  • NaomiNaomi, a name from the Old Testament meaning “pleasantness”, is a nice middle name for parents who want something biblical but also fresh.
  • Nat Nat, although typically used as a nickname, can give a stylish twist to what generally stems from an old-fashioned name.
  • Nature Nature, a word name, works as a great option for parents who are more in touch with the outdoors and what their child to represent just that.
  • Naveen – Naveen, meaning “new”, is a traditional Arabic name that has steadily grown in popularity and is a cute option for Disney fans thanks to Prince Naveen from Princess and the Frog.
  • NavyNavy, a word name, is a unique middle name for parents who happen to love the color or perhaps as a representation to honor a family member in the armed forces.
  • Naz Naz, meaning “similar” when used as a boy's name or “coy” when used for girls, is a simple and cute middle name when you need something more unisex.
  • Nazareth Nazareth, from Hebrew origins, is used for both boys and girls and is a wonderful way to highlight one's religion.
  • NeilNeil, meaning “cloud”, can be a classic middle name that still has a modern feel about it.
  • NellieNellie, a diminutive of names like “Eleanor” and “Helen”, is a traditional nickname that has gained popularity to the point that it works as-is for a middle name as well.
  • NeoNeo, meaning “new” or “gift”, is the perfect middle name to show love to your newborn treasure.
  • Nevada Nevada, with Spanish origins meaning “covered in snow”, is one of the more unique state names that can join the ranks of “Dakota” and “Carolina”.
  • NicoNico, with Greek origins meaning “people of victory”, is diminutive of “Nicolas” and “Nicola”, is makes for a charming middle name.
  • Nike Nike, meaning “victory”, was the goddess and a general personification of victory in Greek mythology, and it makes for a perfect powerful namesake.
  • NikitaNikita, meaning “victor, house”, started as a masculine name, but evolved into a distinctive unisex name.
  • Nikola Nikola, a twist on traditional names like “Nicolas”, is a pleasant and unique approach that can still work for a baby boy or a baby girl.
  • Nimbus Nimbus, meaning “dark cloud”, is a stylish middle name for a nature-bound child who is curious and energetic.
  • NoahNoah, Hebrew for “rest, repose”, is a simple, yet fashionable choice for a middle name with righteous biblical connotations.
  • NoelNoel, with French roots meaning “Christmas”, is a creative way to honor a baby born on or around the holidays.
  • Noor Noor, from Arabic origins meaning “light”, balances simplicity with elegance, making it a lovely middle name option.
  • North North, a word name, is both recognizable and atypical, and it works well at symbolizing strength when used for boys or girls.
  • NovaNova, from Latin meaning “new”, puts out wonderful energy and a sense of new beginnings that is fitting for a newborn baby.
  • Novel Novel, a spin on the Latin name “Nova”, represents something new as much as it works for the literary take for the book-loving parents who dream of raising a writer.
  • November November, a month name, joins the list of many month names such as “April” and “August” in being an ideal choice for a baby born around that time.
  • NuriNuri, meaning “my fire”, can represent a bold and powerful baby that will be full of spirit and determination.
  • Nyx Nyx, meaning “night”, is a perfect choice for mythology lovers as it is the name of powerful Greek goddess that represents the embodiment of night.
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Boy Middle Names That Start with N

  • Napoleon Napoleon, meaning “lion of the new city”, is a classic and instantly recognizable name that works for the more ambitious baby boy.
  • Naruto – Naruto, from Japan origins meaning “roaring gate, maelstrom”, is a great choice for the parents who love the popular anime Naruto.
  • Nas Nas, meaning “fiery”, is a variation of Ignacio and a bolder, dashing, and handsome choice.
  • Nash Nash, meaning “by the ash tree”, was a traditional surname, but it makes for a cool and trendy middle name.
  • NasirNasir, Arabic for “helper”, has a unique and pleasant look to it that makes for an adorable middle name for a baby boy.
  • NateNate, a simple diminutive form of “Nathan” or “Nathaniel”, is a more stylish choice that works well when parents need something that's shorter to flow well a longer first name.
  • NathanNathan, Hebrew for “given”, is an Old Testament name that can work as something that isn't so obviously biblical but still representative of something strong and appealing.
  • NathanielNathaniel, meaning “gift of God”, is a popular and dignified choice for a middle name that also has strong biblical ties for religious families.
  • Ned Ned, diminutive of “Edward” meaning “wealthy guardian”, is an old-fashioned name that manages to have a cool look and sound.
  • NelsonNelson, meaning “son of Neil”, was once a dated surname but makes for a strong and reliable middle name backed by powerful historical figures such as “Nelson Mandela”.
  • Nemo – Nemo, meaning “nobody”, has a much sweeter usage these days thanks in large part to the famous little clown fish “Nemo” from Finding Nemo.
  • Neon Neon, meaning “new”, brings forth thoughts of the lights that are bright, energetic, and filled to the brim with light.
  • Neptune Neptune, the Roman God of the Sea, is a courageous choice for a brave little baby boy that stands out among other middle names.
  • Newt Newt, with English origins meaning “a small salamander”, is an adorably cute middle name that looks perfect on a tiny, happy baby boy.
  • NicolasNicolas, a streamlined spelling of “Nicholas” meaning “people of vistory”, is a traditional choice that never seems to fall out of style.
  • NigelNigel, stemming from English origins meaning “dark, black-haired”, is a sophisticated middle name option that can make a baby boy feel rather grown up.
  • Night Night, a word name, can send off a mysterious and cool vibe that can work with just about any first name.
  • NikolaiNikolai, with Russian origins, is a way for parents to make the traditional name of “Nicholas” feel more distinctive and exotic.
  • Nino Nino, with Italian origins, can be diminutive versions of names like “Gianni”, and can also work as a cute pet name, especially for those with Italian roots.
  • NixonNixon, meaning “son of Nicholas”, is a cool approach for a middle name, more so if a parent is named “Nicholas”.
  • Noble Noble, with Latin origins meaning “aristocratic”, is a name that emits dignity and strength, working as a strong middle name for a special baby boy.
  • Noon Noon, a word name, is a unique and straightforward middle name that is fitting for a parent who wants something different or for the child born around that time of the day.
  • Norman Norman, meaning “northerner” or “Norseman”, is a conventional name that still has a level of endearing respect when used as a middle name.
  • Novak Novak, with Serbian origins meaning “new”, is a stylish name that is befitting for the modern parents who want a baby with just as much charm.
  • Nye Nye, meaning “honor”, looks like a simple name, yet it has a unique appearance as well that makes it just unusual enough to be noticeable.

Girl Names That Start with N

  • NadiaNadia, is an exotic-looking name that can perfectly represent a beautiful baby girl thanks to its meanings of “hope, tender, delicate”.
  • NalaniNalani, meaning “calm skies”, brings forth vibes of tranquility thanks to its Hawaiian roots, making it a perfect middle name for an island-bound baby.
  • Narcissa Narcissa, meaning “daffodil”, is known as the flower of the month for December, so it's a pleasant bright choice for a winter baby girl.
  • NataliaNatalia, meaning “birthday of the Lord”, has longstanding roots for being used for baby girls born on Christmas day.
  • NatalieNatalie, with similar meanings to “Natalia”, is a more modern take on the latter name that has a fashionable appearance to it.
  • NatashaNatasha, another name stemming from the Russian meaning of “birthday of the Lord”, is a fun name to use especially since parents can create the cute nickname of “Sasha” with it.
  • NaviNavi, meaning “to name”, is a beautiful choice with religious roots from the Hebrew bible, or it can even work as a unique take on another trendy name: “Navy”.
  • NayaNaya, a variation of “Nia” meaning “to flow; wave, sea foam”, is a simple, pretty middle name that is quick and easy to pronounce.
  • Nebula Nebula, Latin for “mist”, is a stunning celestial middle name choice that can show off a baby girl who is destined to reach the stars.
  • NeomaNeoma, meaning “new moon, pleasantness”, is a trendy name that is fitting for parents who adore all-things related to the moon.
  • Nephele Nephele, stemming from Ancient Greek meaning “cloudy”, works as a powerful middle name thanks to its use for the Greek Goddess of the Clouds.
  • Nerissa Nerissa, Greek for “from the sea”, works as a unique replacement for the name “Melissa”, and can be equally useful for parents with multiple children to share those names.
  • Nessa Nessa, meaning “headlands, promontory”, is a shortened form of names like “Vanessa”, and is an attractive little name perfect for a baby girl.
  • NevaNeva, with Spanish origins meaning “white snow”, is an exotic middle name choice that also works for baby girls born in the colder months.
  • Neve – Neve, with Irish and Latin origins meaning “snow”, is a fresh take on a classic that can be pronounced in several ways depending on preference such as “nehv”, “nehv-ay“, or “neev”.
  • Nia Nia, meaning “resolve, brilliance”, has perfect connotations for that special baby girl, especially for African-American parents who celebrate Kwanza since it's the name of one of the days in the holiday.
  • Nica Nica, Latin for “true image”, is a shortened version of “Veronica”, and it is a way to make the classic and traditional name sound trendier.
  • NicoleNicole, meaning “people of victory”, is a feminine take on “Nicholas”, making it a cute option to name a baby girl after a male figure in the family or to work for a pair of boy and girl twins.
  • Nimue Nimue, the name given to the Lady of the Lake, is a wonderful and mystical choice for a middle name for parents who adore Celtic mythology.
  • Nina – Nina, a common nickname for many given names ending in “-nina“, this works out well for a middle name when parents need something that's simple and flows well.
  • Nixie Nixie, German for “water nymph”, is the name for a mermaid-like sprite from German folklore, and it is a lovely choice for an adorable soon-to-be water baby.
  • Nomi Nomi, with its Japanese and Hebrew roots, marks the ideal choice for a baby girl thanks to its meaning of “beautiful, pleasant, delightful”.
  • NoraNora, meaning “light” is derived from names like “Elanor”, and it can be a way for parents to use such a conventional name with a modern twist.
  • NoriNori, with Japanese origins meaning “doctrine or seaweed”, is a simple and lovely middle name that almost has a sea-like vibe, making it a good choice for parents to represent their life by the ocean.
  • Nox Nox, the Roman Goddess of Night, is a take on the Greek “Nyx” with the same meaning, working as a unique and stylish middle name.
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