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The baby name Nelson was originally a surname in England. It became a popular option in the early twentieth century because of Horatio Nelson. This name continues to remain popular, especially now as it is on the top 700 list.

Meaning of the name Nelson:

English: son of Neil

Origin of the name Nelson:

The baby name Nelson originated as a surname in England. It represented families that began with a patriarch by the name of Neil. Nelson first became an option for boys in the nineteenth century. It gave honor to a British admiral named Horatio Nelson.

Symbolism of the name Nelson:

The baby name Nelson translates to “son of Neil.” It has the same meaning as the original surname. As mentioned, it represented families who had a patriarch named Neil.

Style of the name Nelson:


Gender of the name Nelson:

Nelson is a serious name for boys.

Pronunciation of the name Nelson:


Number of syllables in the name Nelson:


Emotion evoked from the name Nelson:

Nelson is a formal and upper-class name for boys. It is mature and wholesome.

Alternative spellings for the name Nelson:

  • Nellson
  • Nelleson
  • Nelsen
  • Nellsen
  • Nellesen
  • Nellsyn
  • Nelsyn
  • Nellesyn

Nicknames for the name Nelson:

Popularity of the name Nelson:

Nelson was a top 200 baby name in America until 1921. During that time, it ranked highest in 1900 at number 154. As of 2020, Nelson is still a top 700 option. More specifically, it is at rank 671 for boys.

Related names for the name Nelson:

Great middle names for Nelson and their meanings:

  • Archie (bold, genuine, brave)
  • Jude (praised)
  • Simon (to hear, to be heard)
  • Oscar (champion warrior, God spear)
  • Lucas (man from Lucania)
  • Dylan (son of the sea, born from the ocean)
  • Dominic (belonging to God, of the Master)
  • Louis (famous warrior)

Famous people with the name Nelson:

  • Nelson Mandela (president of South Africa)
  • Nelson Rockefeller (former vice president of the USA)
  • Nelson Piquet (racing driver)
  • Nelson Valdez (soccer player)
  • Nelson Algren (novelist)
  • Nelson Ascencio (comedian)
  • Nelson Bond (writer)
  • Nelson Dawson (artist)

Nelsons in popular culture:

  • Nelson Van Alden (character from “Boardwalk Empire”)
  • Nelson Biederman (character from “Let's Go to Prison”)
  • Nelson (character from “Flatliners”)
  • Nelson Minkler (character from “Even Stevens”)
  • Nelson Tibideaux (character from “The Cosby Show”)
  • Nelson Muntz (character from “The Simpsons”)
  • Nelson (character from “Full House”)
  • Nelson Rose (character from “SMILF”)
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