Boys are naturally spirited, and some lean even more so toward mischievous. Capture that adventurous spirit by giving your son one of these boy names that mean mischievous. From Diesel to Gunner to Anansi and beyond, each has a rebellious yet lovable vibe. Take a look!

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  • Anansi Expecting your baby boy to grow up pulling antics? Anansi is a solid choice. From African and Caribbean folklore, Anansi is a god of tricks, often taking on the role of a spider.
  • Azeban Azeban is a Native American name that refers to a raccoon. In Abenaki folktales, the raccoon is a trickster who behaves foolishly and gets a kick out of making trouble for others.
  • Barrett Barrett derives from an Old English surname, meaning ‘trouble.' It also has Old French roots and refers to ‘someone who barters.'
  • BartEven if you don't watch the Simpsons, you have probably heard about the mischievous cartoon character Bart. The name is a short form of Bartholomew and has Aramaic and Old English roots.
  • BrandonIf you anticipate raising a mischievous boy, the name Brandon seems fitting. Brandon comes from an Old French surname, meaning ‘firebrand,' which refers to ‘burning material' or a ‘troublemaker.'
  • Casimir Parents of mischievous boys know that quiet days are few and far between. With a boy named Casimir, you will probably get little rest. The moniker has roots in English, Latin, French, and Polish. It means ‘destroyer of peace.'
  • Chulbul name Chulbul means mischievous. It is a masculine moniker of Indian origin.
  • DieselDiesel is a masculine name that represents ‘energy and endurance,' two traits of a mischievous child. It is of German origin. Ballplayers Jennie Finch and Casey Daigle gave this name to one of their sons. It's also Shaquille O'Neal's nickname.
  • DennisSince cartoonist Hank Ketcham introduced the character Dennis the Menace, people rarely hear the name without conjuring up images of a boy wreaking havoc. Dennis Mitchell was a mischievous boy first introduced in the 1951 comic strip Dennis the Menace. It was adapted into a TV series in 1959 and hit the movie screens in 1993. Also, Dennis is the English form of Dionysius, the ‘Greek god of festivity and wild frenzy.'
  • Gaines Taken from the English surname, Gaines refers to a ‘crafty or ingenious person.' It's a short form of the Old French word engaine, meaning ‘trickery.'
  • GeorgeGeorge is a masculine name with Greek and English roots. It means ‘farmer,' referring to someone who stirs dirt literally and figuratively.
  • GunnerWith a name like Gunner, your little boy is bound to cause some mischief. This Scandinavian name is a variant of Gunther, which refers to ‘someone who is always looking to get into trouble.' Gunnar is an alternate spelling.
  • Jaser If you're looking for a nontraditional name, consider the moniker Jaser. This masculine name means ‘fearless,' which is a trait mischievous boys need to thrive. The name is of Arabic origin.
  • KeeganThe moniker Keegan means ‘small fiery one,' indicating that your little bundle will be causing mischief soon. The name has Irish and Celtic roots.
  • LowellSince Lowell means ‘little wolf,' it makes a fitting name for a mischievous boy. The moniker has English and German roots and points to someone with a ‘wild' personality.
  • MaverickWith a name like Maverick, your mischievous son will surely shake things up. It is an American name that refers to a ‘non-conformist' or ‘someone who goes his own way.'
  • Mavuto The moniker Mavuto may sound innocent, but it means ‘trouble.' It's a boy's name of South African origin.
  • Maximon Maximon is popular in Guatemelan culture. In Mayan mythology, Maximon refers to a ‘mischievous saint,' who uses disguises and trickery to get what he wants.
  • Naiche Naiche is an Apache name that means ‘troublesome one' or ‘mischief-maker.' Variants of the name include Nache and Nachi.
  • NelsonMany people have named their child Nelson in honor of South African president and anti-apartheid activist Nelson Mandela. But Nelson was not Mandela's given name. He got the name Nelson from his first teacher. His birth name was Rolihlahla, which means ‘troublemaker' in the Xhosa language.
  • Puck Puck is a Shakesperean character known for his trickery. There's also a trickster named Puck in the Disney animated TV show, Gargoyles.
  • Rekker Rekker is an American origin name that comes from the word ‘wrecker.' Actor Cam Gigandet and partner Dominique Geisendorff gave this mischievous name to their son.
  • Reynard Reynard means ‘fox' in French. In medieval fables, Reynard the fox is mischievous.
  • Teivel Teivel is a masculine name, meaning ‘devilish.’ It has Yiddish roots.
  • Wolf Whether it makes you think of a fierce animal or a short version of Wolfram, the moniker Wolf will surely bring out your child's mischievous side. The name has roots in German and Jewish languages.

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