Not all of these baby names that mean liar translate exactly to this mostly unsavory quality. Some of these baby names have more loosely related meanings … “trickster,” “devious,” and the like. And while it's not likely you'd desire your child to become a liar, some of these names are simply too cute not to consider. Take a look!

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  • LokiThe name Loki comes from ancient Scandinavian lore with Loki being the Norse “trickster god.” This mythical character was known to be clever but troublesome always causing a ruckus that was built on deception and trickery. Traditionally used as a male name, the name itself is neutral in gender and is popular with parents needing a darker name for a strong girl personality
  • RavenThis name traces its roots back to ancient English origins and was often associated with Odin, the Norse god. While usually we see this as a feminine name, it can be gender neutral and has a place in several Native American cultures. The name itself translates to “blackbird,” and other meanings include “wise,” “thieving” and “dark-haired.”
  • Robin The name Robin is an Olde English era medieval name that usually is translated to “bright,” “witty” or “shining.” Most parents who consider this name today do so due to their love of that legendary gallant “thief” of the rich, who feared him and fell for his “deceits,” and “trickster hero” to the poor, Robin Hood. This name works as a neutral gender moniker too, and Robin is still considered a nature name possibly contributing to its recent rise in popularity again.
  • Tempest This English name of old is usually given to feisty females who act uncommonly unfeminine at times when their “hidden devious” and “unpredictably stormy” personalities erupt from time to time. Today, this powerful nature name can be used for both girls and boys if you dare.
  • Indra This neutral gender name has several meanings and comes from India origins. In Europe the name is usually female while in India the name is typically male. This was the name of India's notorious “trickster” god king who used “deceit, lies and supernatural powers” to gain what he wanted in his rule. The name also translates to “controls the rain” from the ancient Sanskrit mythological “god of thunder and rain.”
  • Yap This cute name is derived from the Old English surname Yap. This translates to “shrewd, deceitful” or “devious.” A novel first or middle name that can be neutral gender in today's world of unique names.
  • Susanoo Susanu – This name derives from Japenese Susanoo that translates to “trickster.” This is a mythological character and can mean “terrible man” in this country. It can loosely be translated as “little deceiver” by some. Viorica Susanu was a Romanian female Olympic rower from the 1070's.
  • Coyote Unique and once a surname, this name comes from many different Native American cultures. Today, nature names of animals are trending and can be used for boys or girls. Translates to “clever or wily fox.” “One who uses cunning” or “deceitful speech or ways.”
  • Treacher This olde French surname literally translates to “traitor or deceiver.” Other translations include “cunning and crafty with words.” Can mean “to trick or cheat.”
  • Beffa This is an Old-World Italian surname that means “trickster” or “practical joker.” Often used affectionately, this is a trending unisex name.
  • Kitsune This name hails from Japan of old. These mythological creatures were keenly intelligent foxes how used “cunning and tricks” to bend others will to their own. A pretty name that could be unisex and a popular nature name too.
  • Thokk It is said that the Greek god of “tricks” and “deceptions” once disguised himself as an old and frail woman taking on this name. Would make an intriguing unisex name for your little trickster babe.
  • Gavroche The name comes from the iconic Les Miserables. It translates to “mischievous and deceitful child.” Comes from French slang. Perfect for any little wild child.
  • Naiche This traditionally Native American Apache name translates to “mischief maker.” A perfect moniker for any little rascal up to no good.
  • Gvansta This neutral gender name hails from the Georgean culture. Its meanings include “wild one” and “mischievous or deceitful sprite.” The name has a sense of old-world charm that still works today.
  • Sly This lovely neutral gender name refers to someone who is “cunning” and “sharp witted.” This is an ideal first or middle name and can be short for Sylvester if desired.
  • Ganymede Another popular unisex name of mostly Greek origin. Can translate to “cunning” or “glad.” A happy sounding name all around.
  • Metis This name has a few meanings depending on the country and origin. Usually translated to “cunning one” or “skill with word weaving.” Can also mean “wisdom” for a positive slant.
  • Tyrion This name is from the ‘The Game of Thrones.” This is that “mischievous little imp” known to “manipulate” and change destinies via “masterful deception.” An adorable name for a boy or a girl resembling Tyra like Tyra Banks a top model.
  • Sinoe This intriguing name has roots in Greek culture. It may come from the Greek word for “deviously mischievous” or “up to mischief.”
  • Csintalan This exotic sounding name comes from Hungary and stems from the Hungarian word meaning “naughty” and “mischievous.”
  • Pettai This name originates from the Estonian culture and means “up to mischief” or “deceptively cunning and wily.”
  • Afet This short and sassy unisex perfect name comes from the Azerbaijani word that means “mischief” and “crafty in deception.” Afe is a cute nickname.
  • Vasag This name is translated to mean “treacherous” and “free-spirit.” Traditionally a male name, this Armenian moniker could make a fantastic unisex name for a bold and wildly independent child.
  • Discord Taken at its face value, “one who is devious.” “A troublemaker who sows deception.” Uses “treachery” to gain control of others or situations. Could be a great unisex name and could be shortened to Cord.

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