If it's a bright future you envision for your baby, you may want to considering give your baby a name that means “light.” Whether the name you select means “bringer of light,” such as Aila, or “guiding light,” like Manar, each of the following names brings a lustrous vibe your little one can carry throughout their life.

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  • Lucinda Lucinda comes from Roman mythology and Latin origins. In mythology, Lucinda was the goddess of childbirth and was the first light bringer to newborn babies.
  • Orli Orli is a Hebrew girl’s name. Baby girls born around Hanukkah often receive this name because of the similarity in meaning. Hanukkah is the Festival of Light and the name means “light, my light”.
  • AilaAila has different meanings depending on the origin you choose. In Finnish, the name is equivalent to Helga or Olga and means “bringer of light”.
  • Abha Abha is the Hindi variation of the Indian name. In addition to, “light”, it means “splendor”.
  • Gerel Gerel is a common baby girl’s name from Mongolia and quite literally mean “light”. In recent years, baby boys have also started receiving the name.
  • Annalina Annalina combines the meaning of the names Anna (grace) and Lina (light). Combined the name means “graceful light”. It has a Swedish origin.
  • EllenEllen is a variation of the name Helen. It shares a similar meaning to the Greek meaning of Helen and means “shining light, bright”.
  • Ciana Depending on the language of origin, Ciana holds several biblical references. The Italian variation of the name means “light”.
  • Nura Nura takes its meaning from the sun and stars. Nura is a variant of the name Nur. Nura is the feminine variant, whereas Nur is a gender-neutral name.
  • Pradip Pradip is a variation of Pradeep, and they both share the same meaning of “light”. It’s a very popular name in India.
  • LucasLucas, which means “bringer of light,” is a derivative of the Greek name Loukas. Greek origin states Lucas came from the Patron Saint of doctors, artists, and creative people. The name shares a similar meaning to Lucille.
  • Argider The name originates from Basque and means “beautiful light”. Outside of Basque-speaking areas in Spain, this baby boy's name isn’t very common.
  • ZiyaZiya, which means “light, glow, splendor,” is primarily a gender-neutral name of Arabic and Turkish origin. Despite it being gender-neutral, it’s commonly given to girls more than boys.
  • Myeong Myeong, which means “bright, light, clear,” originated from the Chinese surname Ming. However, the name is most popular in South Korea among boys.
  • Tej Tej is masculine and means “lustrous, light”. It is a semi-popular name in India.
  • Manar Manar is a gender-neutral name that means “lighthouse, beacon, guiding light”. Despite it being a unisex name, more girls than boys receive the name.
  • Beacon Beacon is not a typical name. However, it’s grown in popularity as a gender-neutral name that means “signal light”.
  • Lux Lux is a more modern name that originates from the Latin word lux that means “light”. Some consider the name gender-neutral but it’s mostly always given to boys.
  • Nimai Nimani is an Indian name that’s primarily gender-neutral. It’s often given more to boys than girls. It means “filled with an inner light”.
  • Mitsu Mitsu is a gender-neutral name with Japanese origins. The meaning depends on the kanji used. However, it’s mostly associated with “light, honey”.
  • Berhane Berhane comes from Ethiopian origin. It’s from the Amharic and Tigrinya languages. While it’s a unisex name, it’s commonly given to girls more than boys. Berhane means “light, my light”.
  • Navdeep Navdeep is a unisex name that’s become more popular in India. It’s a fairy modern name and means “new light”.
  • Jyoti Jyoti means “divine light”. It originated from India and is unisex. The name is more used for girls than boys.
  • Hikari Hikari comes from Japanese origin. It has a more masculine variation, Hikaru. Both names share the same meaning of “light”. Hikari is a unisex name but is given for females more than males.
  • Nur Nur is a Muslim name that has Arabic origins, and on its own, it means “illumination, light”. It’s a common unisex name that’s compounded with other names.
  • Cahya Cahya is a gender-neutral name from Indonesia. It has two meanings with “the light” being the most agreed upon.
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