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Washington’s Top Baby Names: Revealed

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Washington’s Top Baby Names: Revealed

Every year there are certain names that rise in popularity, whether it’s a pop-culture trend, a common family name, or something else. Washington's Top Baby Names For 2023 featured some names that have been popular throughout the United States. Specifically in 2023, the most popular baby names in Washington included Oliver and Olivia, followed closely by names like Sophia, Liam, Evelyn, and Noah. These names were also commonly popular names for the state of Washington in 2022. Read on to learn more about the meaning behind some of Washington's Top Baby Names For 2023.

In this post, we’ll delve into Washington's Top Baby Names For 2023. Read about the origin and meaning behind these popular baby names. Knowing where a name comes from and how it’s translated can be a big part of naming a child. To be sure you’re not just picking a name because it’s popular, learn about the meaning of the name and how it will fit your values, your family, and your child. Let’s get the details of Washington's Top Baby Names For 2023.

1. Oliver

Toy blocks spelling out the name "OLIVER"

Starting off with a very popular name, Oliver has remained at the top of these lists for a few years. The Latin root comes from the words for “olive tree,” It had roots leading back all the way to the 13th century in England (via Very Well Family).

2. Olivia

Pregnant woman holding a handmade embroidery with the name Olivia in her hands, concept in anticipation.

Olivia is the female version of the name Oliver. Prominent pop-culture moments that may have popularized the name Olivia include one of the main characters in Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night play. There are numerous book characters, and famous actors named Olivia.

3. Emma

Cute baby with word EMMA lying on bed. Choosing name concept

Next up we have Emma. Emma comes from the Germanic word “ermen.” This translates to “whole,” or “universal,” which can be a really sweet name for a baby. Famous Emma’s include historical figureheads like Emma of Normandy and Jane Austen’s Emma.

4. Sophia

Cute baby with word SOPHIA lying on soft blanket. Choosing name concept

Sophia comes from the Greek term for “wisdom.” It was a common name in the Middle Ages throughout Europe and was further popularized by the name of St. Sophia. The masculinized version of the name, Sophus, is far less popular, and not very common.

5. Liam

Cute baby sitting on floor with word LIAM composed of wooden letters. Choosing name concept

Liam comes from the Irish language, meaning both “strong warrior,” and “protector.” It is the shortened version of “Uilliam,” which is also derived from “Willahelm.” It can be a derivative of the traditional name “William.” 

6. Evelyn

Paper sheet with written baby name Evelyn on grey wooden table, closeup

Evelyn has roots in the anglicized version of the French surname “Avaline.” “Avaline” combines the meanings of the words “Eve,” and “Lynn,” which mean “desired,” “island in the water,” “wished for,” “little bird,” “strength,” and “hazelnut.” Evelyn can also be a variation on the name “Ava,” another shortened version of “Avaline.”

7. Noah

Toy blocks spelling out the name "NOAH"

Noah comes from the Hebrew word “Noach,” which translates to “rest.” It also has roots from Babylonian, the word “nukhu.” It is also known well as a Biblical name from the Old Testament’s Book Of Genesis. Alternative spellings include dropping the “h,” and while it’s commonly used as a boy's name in the States, it is commonly used for both genders in other countries.

8. Lucas

popular european and american male first name lucas

Lucas comes from the Greek “Loukas.” In Italian it can translate to “man from Luciana,” and “light.” In Latin, Lucas translates to “bringer of light.” Derivatives of Lucas include Luke, Luca, and Luka. Luke is another Biblical name, the patron saint of Artisans. 

9. Benjamin

popular american male first name benjamin

For another Biblical name, we have Benjamin. This name hails from the Old Testament, the youngest son of Jacob’s twelve sons. In Hebrew, it translates to “son of the right hand. “Ben,” means “son,” and “yāmīn” means “right side.”

10. Mia

Symbols in sand
Mia is a shortened version of “Maria,” and “Miryam.”

Mia is a shortened version of the name Maria. It also comes from the name Miryam. There are links to the ancient Egyptian word “Mr,” which translates to “beloved.” In Italian, the word “Mia,” means “mine.” It can show up as an abbreviated version of Michal, an Israeli name. In Japan, “Mio,” translates to “beautiful,” or “cherry.” Add an “a,” and you’ve got “Mia.”

11. Atlas

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Honorable mention goes to Atlas. According to some research by Axios, is one of the most common names used in the Seattle, Washington area. The name has roots in Greek, with the famous character of Atlas, the Titan who carried the globe on his shoulders. Ancestry links it to German, Polish, and Arabic languages, meaning “satin,” and “smooth.” Given its storied history, the name Atlas can mean “to ensure,” and suggests great strength intended to those who bear the name of Atlas (via Ancenstry.com).

While this list is applicable to the State of Washington's Top Baby Names For 2023, many of these names have widespread popularity. Ultimately, choosing a name should be based on a number of factors. Consider what you’d like your baby’s name to mean, how well it fits with the surname you’ve chosen, and if it’ll fit in the long term. Perhaps one of the names on this list is your new top choice! And, hey, you’d fit right in with Washington's Top Baby Names For 2023.

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