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North Dakota’s Top Baby Names, Revealed

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North Dakota’s Top Baby Names, Revealed

Have you ever wondered what baby names are the most popular during a specific calendar year? Certain ones seem to come back in waves. Or they are inspired by some pop culture event and re-popularized once again. North Dakota’s top baby names for 2023 include some classics like “Oliver” and the feminized version “Olivia.” Also in the top for 2023 were great options like Evelyn, Nora, Amelia, and other popular variations on those names. “Oliver” has actually been a top baby name for male children for the last few years in North Dakota. 

If you’re interested in learning more about North Dakota’s top baby names for 2023, this post will reveal it all. We’ll talk about the history and meanings of these names. Picking the right name can be an important task, especially because you want a name to mean something to both the child and the family. Read on as we delve into North Dakota’s top baby names for 2023. Maybe some of these will continue to stay popular throughout 2024 as well! Let’s get into it.

1. Oliver/Olivia

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Starting off with the name “Oliver,” which comes from the Latin and French terms for “olive tree.” It has roots in 13th-century England and the Norse meaning for “ancestral descendants.” According to Sanford Health, the name “Oliver,” has been one of North Dakota's top baby names for the past few years. A variation on “Oliver” is the feminized version of “Olivia.” This name may have been popularized by the main character Olivia, featured in Shakespeare's Twelfth Night (via Very Well Family).

2. Charlotte

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Next up we have “Charlotte,” the feminine version of “Charles,” “Charlot,” or “Karl.” It translates to “free man,” derived from the Old English “ceorl.” This term was used to describe someone who was neither a slave nor a nobleman. Charlotte was North Dakota's top baby name for 2023.

3. Henry

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The second most popular baby name in North Dakota was “Henry.” While a common French name (typically spelled “Henri,”), this name actually has roots in German, from the name “Heimeric” which translates to “house ruler.” The French King Henry VIII is a more famous example of the French name, though the name is also popular in Ireland and England. Feminine variations include “Henrietta,” and “Harriet.”

4. Evelyn

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The second most popular baby name in North Dakota for females was “Evelyn.” This name was derived from the French surname “Avaline,” which translates to several different phrases and meanings. The parts of the word break down to “Eve,” and “Lynn,” which, combined, can mean “desired, “little bird,” “strength,” “wished for,” and “hazelnut.” A further shortened version of this name can appear as “Ava.”

5. William/Liam

Popular and modern baby boy fashion name WILLIAM in wooden English language capital letters spilling from a pile of letters on a red background

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“William” has roots in the English language, but it's derived from the German name “Wilhelm.” It translates to “protector,” and “warrior,” definitions derived from the “helm,” part of the full name. Feminized, shortened, and anglicized versions of “William” include “Liam,” “Wilhelmina,” “Billie,” and “Wilma” (via Very Well Family).

6. Nora

Nora - name sign of painted ceramic tiles


The next popular baby name in North Dakota is “Nora.” A shortened version of the name “Eleanor,” “Eleanora,” or “Honora,” the name has roots in the Latin term meaning “light.” In Arabic, the name can appear as “Noora,” and “Nura,” but with the same meaning as the Latin, anglicized spellings. Famous Eleanors include Eleanor Roosevelt and several historical noblewomen.

7. Hudson

Hudson written in a speechbubble

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“Hudson” is one of the more straightforward names that's derived straight from ancestry. It translates to “son of Hud,” and “Hugh's son.” It can be a surname or a first name, and there are quite a few spellings. You'll find variations of “Hudson,” spelled as “Hudsan,” “Hudsyn,” and “Hudsin” (via Family Education).

8. Amelia

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The name “Amelia,” was also popular in North Dakota during 2023. It comes from the Latin/German term “Amal,” which translates to “work,” in the sense of “drive” and “fertility”, and not work as in labor or a job. Other derivates of this name include Amy, Emily, Emma, and Amélie. Male variations of the name include Emil, Emery, and Emmett.

9. Grayson

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“Grayson,” is another popular boy name in North Dakota. It comes from the Old English definition “to shine,” but also translates to “son of the bailiff.” It can be a nickname for other names like “Griswold,” “Greeley,” and “Graydon.”

10. Theodore

Popular and modern baby boy fashion name THEODORE in wooden English language capital letters spilling from a pile of letters on a red background framed

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The last most popular boy's name on this list is “Theodore.” With Greek origins in the word “Theos,” and “Doron,” it translates to “gift from God,” and “divine gift.” It was popular among Roman Catholics and is a common boy's name. Shortened variations and nicknames include Theo, Ted, and Teddy.

11. Ava

Young pregnant woman with name AVA written on her tummy, closeup. Concept of choosing baby name

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“Ava” is a derivative of the same root word as the name “Evelyn.” The Germanic and Latin roots “aval,” and “avis,” translate to “guarantee,” “lively,” and “birdlike.” It has links to Hebrew with the name “Havva,” meaning life. And in Persian, it translates to “voice,” and “sound.” It is a simple, and unique name with many meanings, all of which are quite lovely.

Now you know North Dakota's top baby names for 2023. Using this list, decide what aspect of these popular names may be a good fit for a new member of the family. Knowing the meaning of a name gives it value, and many of these names have a lot of variations. Best of luck with your future baby!

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