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Tennessee’s Top Baby Names, Revealed

Unique Baby Boy Names that Start with the Letter J

Tennessee’s Top Baby Names, Revealed

When it comes to the most popular baby names in a specific calendar year, there's usually a good mix of classic names alongside more modern variations. Tennessee's top baby names for 2023 include the likes of Charlotte, Harper, and Eleanor. For boys, the top names include Liam, James, and Elijah. What makes a name more popular than any other? Sometimes it has to do with the historical value of the name. A lot of the time, what the name means can boost its popularity. Perhaps it's connected to a family member or a friend. Read on to learn more about Tennessee's top baby names for 2023.

In this post, we'll learn about the history and meaning behind some of these top baby names. You'll get a good idea of Tennessee's most popular baby names, as well as potential nicknames and other variations. Maybe if you know more of Tennessee's top baby names you'll get some inspiration for variations on a name that may be a nice fit for your own family. Let's get into Tennessee's top baby names for 2023.

1. Charlotte

Toy blocks spelling out the name "CHARLOTTE"


We're starting with the name “Charlotte,” which was one of Tennessee's top female names for 2023. “Charlotte” is derived from the typically male names “Charles” or “Karl.” These names have roots in the Old English word “ceorl,” which was given to free men. Therefore, the name “Charlotte” roughly translates to “a free man.”

2. Olivia

Pregnant woman holding a handmade embroidery with the name Olivia in her hands, concept in anticipation.


“Olivia” and “Oliver” were both among Tennessee's top baby names for 2023. The names have roots in French, and Latin, from the name “Olivier,” which translates to the “olive tree.” In the Norse language, the term “Áleifr,” translates to “a descendant of ancestors,” but the olive tree itself represents harmony, peace, unity, and beauty. In popular culture, famous literary characters include Oliver Twist and Olivia from Shakespeare's Twelfth Night.

3. Harper

Harper colorful decorated wooden letter name for nursery room, Decoupage and painted handmade letters for decoration, Wall letters, Door letters, DYI

©Vasilena Ivanova/Shutterstock.com

The name “Harper” comes, rather directly from the term “someone who plays the harp.” It has roots in English, Scottish, and Irish. While it was used commonly as a surname, it caught on as a first name and was popular during medieval times due to an increase in harpists. According to Very Well Family, in Ireland, some harpists could be awarded noble status for how beautiful their harp playing was.

4. Eleanor

Eleanor Floral Name

©Erika Kirkpatrick/Shutterstock.com

“Eleanor,” means “light” in Latin. Other variations of the name “Eleanor” include Eleanora, Nora, and Honora. In Arabic, the name can be spelled slightly differently. You may see it as “Noora,” or “Nura.” Eleanor Roosevelt is one of the most notable historical characters with the first name “Eleanor.”

5. Elizabeth

Elizabeth. Name of women and girls. White letters of the alphabet on a wooden background.


“Elizabeth,” has roots in the Hebrew name “Elisheba,” but also appears in a number of Biblical references. It can be translated as “pledged to God,” and variations on “My God is an oath,” and “abundance,” interchangeably. There are quite a few nicknames for the name “Elizabeth,” including Bess, Betsy, Liza, Beth, and Libby (via Family Education).

6. Isabella

Isabella written in a speechbubble

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“Isabella” is a variation of “Elizabeth,” with roots in the Spanish and Italian languages. It stems from the Hebrew name, and has a similar translation of “God is my oath.” Nicknames for “Isabella” include Isa, Izzy, Belle, and Bella.

7. Liam

Cute baby sitting on floor with word LIAM composed of wooden letters. Choosing name concept

©Africa Studio/Shutterstock.com

“Liam” is a variation of the name “William,” which comes from the name “Wilhelm.” This can be traced to an Irish iteration of “Uilliam.” The Germanic name “Wilhelm” translates to “warrior” and “strong-willed,” but can also mean “protector.” This definition may have been drawn from the word “helm,” in the name, which is a piece of armor worn by warriors atop their heads (via Very Well Family).

8. James

Boy's baby name James in wooden toy blocks in red and green on blanket closeup


“James” is a variation on the name “Jacob,” with a similar meaning as well. With roots in Hebrew and Latin, the name “James” translates to “supplanter.” It means to guard, to protect, to seize, and to follow. “James” is a common name in the Bible, and popular in Scotland, alongside Tennessee in the United States. It was, after all, among Tennessee's top baby names for 2023.

9. Noah

Toy blocks spelling out the name "NOAH"


“Noah” comes from the Hebrew word “Noach” which translates to “rest.” In the Bible's Book of Genesis, Noah is the character whom God calls upon to build an arc that will survive the great flood. For this reason, the name is tied to perseverance and loyalty. It has become a popular name not just in Tennessee, but also in parts of the Netherlands, Spain, and Israel.

10. Elijah

popular american male first name elijah

©Stefan Petersohn/Shutterstock.com

“Elijah” is another Biblical name from the Old Testament. In the Bible, “Elijah” was a prophet who performed many miracles in God's name. The name also has roots in the Hebrew phrase which translates to “Jehovah is my God.” Iterations of the name include Elia, Elias, Élie, Ilija, and Eliana for a more feminized form.

11. Henry

Paper sheet with baby name Henry on grey wooden table, closeup

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Another of Tennessee's top baby names for 2023 was the name “Henry.” The name has origins in French, German, and English. “Henry” can also be spelled “Henri,” and the German form is slightly different too, appearing as “Heimeric.” It translates to “ruler of the house,” and was a common name among the Kings of Europe. Perhaps the most famous of these Kings was Henry VIII, with his six wives. Whatever the history, it is still a popular name in Ireland, England, and Tennessee. Feminized versions of “Henry,” are names like “Harriet,” and “Henrietta.”

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