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Austin’s Top Baby Names, Revealed

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Austin’s Top Baby Names, Revealed

The top baby names during any given calendar year can have a lot to do with popular culture events and the way that older names become popular in cycles. Austin’s top baby names for 2023 very much follow this pattern. We’ve got some classic variations on names like William, and Oliver and Olivia, respectively. Amelia, Mia, Ava, and Luna also made their way back into the popular top spots for baby girl’s names (via KXAN.com). If you’ve ever wondered the meaning behind some of Austin’s top baby names for 2023, you’re in the right place. Read on to learn more. 

In this post, we’ll do a deep dive into the origin behind some of these popular names. Get to know what Austin’s top baby names mean, and see if they might be a good fit for you. Knowing what’s behind a name can be an important thing to consider, you want the name you pick it fit your new family member. Whether it’s among Austin’s top baby names for 2023 or a variation of one of the names on this list, stick around to learn all about the origins and definitions of this list.

1. Liam

Starting with “Liam,” which has roots in Irish, and German iterations of the name “William.” You may recognize it in the forms of “Uilliam,” “Wilhelm,” “Lliam,” or “Lyam.” In the Frankish and Irish word roots, it translates to “helmet,” “strong-willed,” “warrior,” and “protector” (via Very Well Family).

2. Noah

The name “Noah,” comes from the Hebrew word “Noach,” the Babylonian word “Nukhu” and is also a Biblical name. The name translates to “rest, repose” and in the Old Testament's “Book of Genesis,” Noah is the main character of Noah's Ark. If you've never heard the story, he was instructed by God to build an Ark and bring animals along with his family to survive a great flood. The story has themes of loyalty and perseverance, which are honorable values to impart to a new baby.

3. Mateo

Next up we have “Mateo.” It's a derivative of the Latin name “Matthew,” and the Hebrew name “Mattiyahu.” It also has roots in Greek, Spanish, and Italian, where it translates to a “gift of God.” Other variations include “Matai,” “Matthäus,” “Mateus,” “Matthias,” “Massey,” or the feminized version “Mattia” (via Family Education).

4. Elijah

“Elijah,” is also Biblical, with roots in the Hebrew words “El,” and “Yah” which translates loosely to “Jevoha is my God.” In the Old Testament, Elijah was a prophet who defended worshippers of God. Feminized versions of the name may include “Eliyah,” and “Eliana.”

5. Sebastian

“Sebastian” was originally a name used to describe inhabitants of the town “Sebaste,” from the region that is now considered Turkey. In Latin, it translates to “venerable” which means “respected,” or “revered.” Saint Sebastian was a Christian Saint, revered by archers, athletes, and martyrs alike. There are French, Greek, and Italian variations including “Sébastienne,” and “Bastion.”

6. Oliver/Olivia

“Oliver” is one of Austin's top baby names for 2023, but its feminized counterpart “Olivia,” also makes an appearance on this list. “Oliver,” comes from the Norse name “Álefir,” which translates to “descendant.” The French version of the name “Olivier,” means olive tree, and the Latin term for Olive is “Oliva.” Both connect with symbols of peace, fruitfulness, beauty, and respect.

Pregnant woman holding a handmade embroidery with the name Olivia in her hands, concept in anticipation.
The names “Oliver,” and “Olivia,” symbolize the olive tree and peace.


7. Santiago

Ever heard of the name “Santiago”? It is actually the Spanish version of the name “James,” which has English and Hebrew origins. The name translates to “supplanter,” which can mean to take over for someone else. The Patron Saint Santiago is considered one of Jesus's twelve apostles, and they hold a festival each year in his honor.

8. Levi

“Levi,” not to be confused with “Levi Strauss Denim,” is a name that means “united,” or “joined.” Generally tied to the concept of harmony, the name has Biblical origins as well as ties to the Hebrew language. In the Book Of Genesis from “The Old Testament,” the character of Levi is one of the sons of Jacob, and the “Levites,” were one of the Israelite tribes. The name is derived from the Hebrew words “Yewi,” and “Lawa.”

9. Daniel

“Daniel,” is a classic name. It's featured among Austin's top baby names of 2023. With Biblical origins, in the Old Testament, Daniel was a loyal acolyte, who survived a lion's den with protection from God. In Hebrew, the name translates to “God is my judge.” It is a powerful name to give a new baby.

10. Benjamin

“Benjamin,” is another Biblical name, coming from the Hebrew for “son of the right hand.” In the Bible, Benjamin was the youngest son of Jacob, so it can also mean the “youngest child.”

11. Camila

Moving onto girls' names included in Austin's top baby names of 2023, starting with “Camila.” This name has Latin roots and translates to a religious attendant of acolyte. In Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish, you may recognize it as “Camilla,” though other variations include “Camille,” Camelia,” or “Mila.”

12. Emma

“Emma,” has been, and continues to be quite a popular girl's name. Its Germanic roots in the word “Ermen,” translates to “whole.” Famous Emmas include Queen Emma of Normandy, Jane Austen's Emma Woodhouse, and modern-day Emma Stone, and Emma Thompson.

13. Isabella

“Isabella” is rooted in the Italian and Spanish variations of the name “Elizabeth.” The Hebrew translates to “God is my oath,” and both “Elizabeth,” and “Isabella,” have been popular names since 13th century England. Derivatives of name may have slightly different meanings including “Isa,” which translates to “salvation of God,” and “Issy,” or “Bella.”

top view of sticky notes with different female names on violet background
Names like “Isabella,” “Mia,” and “Sofia,” were among Austin's top baby names of 2023.

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14. Mia

“Mia” comes from the Hebrew name “Miryam,” and the name “Maria.” It has roots in Egyptian, with the rough translation of “beloved.” In Italian, the name means “mine,” and the Slavic variation of the name can mean “darling,” or “sweet one.” It is popular in Spain, Italian, Scandinavian countries, and Israel.

15. Amelia

Speaking of similar names, “Amelia,” sometimes is associated with the names “Mia,” and “Camila.” Its Latin root is “Amal,” which translates to “work.” Think of it in terms of industriousness instead of laboring. Kings of the 18th century would often name their daughters “Amelia.” You may see the name in other forms including “Amy,” “Lia,” or even “Emily.”

16. Sophia

“Sophia,” which can also be spelled “Sofia,” is a traditional Greek name. It translates to “wisdom,” or “sophistication,” and was a popular name for royalty in the Middle Ages. According to Behind The Name, there was a mythical Saint Sophia who lost her daughters during the reign of Hadrien the emperor. Famous Sophias include Sophia Hanover, the heir to the British throne, and the actress Sophia Lore.

17. Ava

The name “Ava” has a few meanings and origins. The Latin term “avis,” translates to “birdlike,” while the Germanic term “aval,” means to “guarantee.” In Hebrew, the name “Havva,” could be shortened to “Av.” It translates to “life,” or “lively.” In Persian, it can translate to “voice. While a relatively simple name, this is a unique option with lots of derivatives that could be a lovely name for a baby.

18. Charlotte

Another traditional name, “Charlotte,” is the feminized version of Charles, and is among Austin's top baby names for 2023. Both names come from an old English word (“ceorl”) describing a “free man.” this was an important differentiator from the ruling class, and the slaves during this time period. It has roots in Germanic, and French languages.

19. Luna

For a name closely associated with the celestial, or stories of Goddesses, check out “Luna.” In Latin, Spanish, and Italian, it means “moon.” The Roman moon goodness, Diana (called Selena by the Greeks) is also a powerful association with this name and its meaning. It is a beautiful name to consider.

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