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New York City’s Top Baby Names: Revealed

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New York City’s Top Baby Names: Revealed

New York City is home to over eight million individuals. Therefore, it is no surprise that a high percentage of babies are born in this city yearly, with approximately 125,000 live births. Naming a child is a big task. It can help to see the top baby names nationwide and in each city. Some parents love to find popular names because they want their babies to enjoy having a top name, whereas others like knowing the popular names to help them find a more unique name for their child. Regardless of your reasons, if you are looking for the top baby names in New York City, you have come to the right place! 

The NYC Health Department releases the top names from the previous year every year. The names on this list have surged in popularity, and many have maintained their top spots for several years. (Here's looking at you, Liam!) Now, let's get right into it and take a glance at the top baby names in New York City in 2023. 

Top Baby Girl Names In New York City 

This year has seen a trend in baby girl names ending in a soft “ah” sound. Sweet and girly are the craze right now! 

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1. Emma

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The name Emma is sweet and short, perfect for any little girl! It doesn't need a nickname. However, some popular ones for Emma include Em and Emy. 

Emma means “whole” and “universal” and is of German origin. This sweet girl's name has existed for some time, dating back to the Norman Conquest in 1002. When Jane Austen's book Emma came on the scene, this name also saw a surge! Since 2003, Emma has lingered on the top of the baby girl name list. 

2. Olivia

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The name Olivia in Latin means “olive branch” and is the feminine version of Oliver. The symbolism of the olive branch takes on the meaning of peace. Another theory of the origin of Olivia is that it comes from Old Norse and Old English as an ancestral name. 

The popularity of the name Olivia can not be disputed. It has been on the top 100 list since 1990 and has held fast to its position as the name has climbed higher and higher! 

3. Mia

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The name Mia started as a nickname for Maria or Miryam. This name means “mine” or “beloved.” Mia has a couple of different theories of origin, including the Egyptian word mr, which means “love,” or from Spanish and Italian cultures because it means “mine.” 

Mia has been on the top baby girl names list since 2009 when it entered the top ten. 

4. Sophia

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Sophia is of Greek origin and means “wise” or “wisdom.” A fun fact about the name Sophia is that as an original word (before it was even a name), it means “wisdom” in Greek. 

St. Sophia was a saint in the Greek Orthodox Church, one reason the name grew in popularity. In 2020, Sophia took a spot on the baby girl's top ten names and has hung out since! 

5. Leah

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Leah is a Hebrew name that means “delicate” and “weary.” In Biblical tradition, Leah was Jacob's first wife, but she wasn't wanted initially as his wife. In turn, she is thought of as someone who went through quite a bit of unrest. 

6. Ava

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Ava is a baby girl name with a few different origins:

  1. The version of Ava means “bird.” In Hebrew, Ava means “breath” or “life.”
  2. In Ava has a few meanings, which are “water,” “island,” and “desire.”
  3. Ava means “voice” or “sound” in Persian.

With so many different meanings, it's no wonder Ava is so popular! 

7. Isabella

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Isabella is a Latin name that came from the names Isabel and Elizabeth. The meaning of Isabella is “God is my oath.” Since this name is derived from Elizabeth, the root of the meaning “God is my oath” goes back to Elizabeth's Biblical origins. She trusted God even though she remained barren until God gave her a child. 

Isabella has been hanging out on the top baby girl names list since 1998 when it ranked in the top 100. Since then, it has climbed steadily until it made the top 10 in 2004. 

8. Amelia

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Amelia is Hebrew and has a few different meanings. The meanings are “industrious,” “to work,” and “striving.” Amelia has been a popular name in fictional writing since the 18th century when the book titled Amelia by Henry Fielding came out. 

9. Luna

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Luna is a sweet baby girl's name that means “the moon.” The name itself was given to the moon goddess in Roman mythology. 

There are also surnames “de Luna” and Deluna.” 

10. Sofia

Most Popular Baby Names - Sofia

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Sofia is a spelling variant of Sophia and also means wisdom. Like Sophia, Sofia is Greek. This variant has been quickly catching up to the more popular way of spelling Sophia. 

Top Baby Boy Names In New York City

The name Liam has been popular for quite some time. You may see familiar faces on the top boy names like Liam and Noah, and others inching their way to the top, like Benjamin! 


1. Liam

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Liam is of Irish origin and means “guardian” or “helmet of will.” Therefore, the name gives the sense of being a defender or protector. The original names Uilliam or William are where Liam has derived from. 

Liam has been hanging out as the top baby boy name since 2013 and typically varies between number one, two, or three in most states and in national rankings. 

2. Noah

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Noah has Biblical roots; people often think of the story of Noah and the ark when they hear this name. This name means “peace” or “rest.” 

3. Ethan

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Ethan is of Hebrew origin and comes from the Biblical version of Eitan. The meaning of the name Ethan is “strong” and “firm.” 

This name has hung out on the top baby boy name list since 2002. 

4. Lucas

popular european and american male first name lucas

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Lucas was a surname at one point in time and is Greek and Latin. It primarily means “from Lucania” or “man from Lucania.” Lucania is a territory in Italy. 

5. Jacob

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Jacob is a Biblical name. In the Old Testament, Jacob was the son of Isaac and twin brother to Esau. Jacob means “supplanter” or “holder of the heel.” The latter of the two meanings is because Jacob is said to have come out of his mother's womb holding onto his twin brother's heel. 

The baby name Jacob has been on the top 100 list since 1974.

6. Joseph

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Joseph is of Hebrew origin and means “May he add” or “God shall add.” Additionally, Joseph is a Biblical name. The Joseph of the Old Testament was the favorite son of Jacob and Rachel. His dad gifted him a coat of many colors. In the New Testament, Joseph was the earthly father of Jesus. 

7. David

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The name David has Biblical roots and is Hebrew for “beloved” or “to love.” The most popular Old Testament story with David center stage is David and Goliath, the young boy who takes down the giant with a slingshot and a stone. 

David has been very popular as a name for centuries. While it fluctuates in popularity, it has remained on the top list for quite some time this century. 

8. Daniel

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The name Daniel originates from Hebrew and means “God is my judge.” This name also has Biblical roots. Daniel was a prophet in the Old Testament, and many people also think about the story of Daniel in the Lion's Den when they hear the name Daniel. 

Regarding popularity, Daniel has been ranking in the top 100 since 1900.

9. Aiden

Popular and modern baby boy fashion name AIDEN in wooden English language capital letters spilling from a pile of letters on a green background in sepia

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Aiden is of Celtic and American origin. It means “fiery” or “little fiery one.” If you go back to the original origin of the name Aiden, it comes from Aodhan, a Celtic angel. This angel received its name from a Celtic God. From there, the name has come in and out of popularity. 

10. Benjamin

popular american male first name benjamin

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The baby boy's name, Benjamin, is of Hebrew origin. It means “son of my right hand.” Traditionally, Benjamin is an Old Testament name and the last son of Jacob. 

Benjamin has been quite popular for centuries. In 1975, it climbed to the top 50 baby names and has been on the top ten list for several years. 

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