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Emma is a popular name in recent years due to characters in books like “Emma” by Jane Austen and the name of Ross and Rachel's child on “Friends.” It has existed since the 1000s, introduced to the rest of the world through Queen Emma of Normandy. Though a simple name, it is also very feminine and romantic in its feel.

Meaning and Origin of the name Emma:

Emma is a girl's name of German origin meaning “whole” and “universal.”

Emma began as a shortened version of other Germanic names including Emily and even Ermintrude. The name Emma comes from the German root word ermen, which means “whole” and “universal.” The name spread to the United Kingdom via Queen Emma of Normandy during the Norman Conquest in the year 1002. The name Emma became one of the most popular in the United Kingdom throughout the 1800s through the popularity of characters written by Jane Austen. It was not until the 1980s that the name became popular in the United States.

Symbolism of the name Emma:

This name began as traditionally German names such as Ermintrude, which is almost never heard of today. Emma started as a nickname of sorts for this and other German names, but it is now a name on its own.

Nicknames for the name Emma:

Emma is such an adorable name. Because it's so adorable, you may not want to use a nickname. Just in case you do want to use a nickname, or if you're just browsing nicknames, we put this list together of cute and fun nicknames for Emma.

  • Em
  • Emy
  • Emie
  • Ma
  • Mae 
  • Emme 
  • Emzy
  • Emu
  • Emymu
  • EmyEmu
Baby name Emma


Style of the name Emma:

The style of the baby name Emma is traditional.

Gender of the name Emma:

The gender of the baby name Emma is for girls.

Pronunciation of the name Emma:


Number of syllables in the name Emma:

There are two syllables in the baby name Emma.

Emotion evoked from the name Emma:

Emma is a very feminine name despite its simplicity. It feels sweet and romantic without giving feelings of flirtatiousness or mischievousness.

Alternative spellings for the name Emma:

Popularity of the name Emma:

The name Emma began on the top 20 list in the early 1900s until the year 2002. After, it entered the top 50 list, ended at number 46 in 1920, and moving to the top 100 list until 1941. The name steadily declined until 1993, when it re-entered the top 100 list at number 74. It was not long though until the name was a top 50 name again in 1997, then a top 20 name in 1999. In the year 2003, the name became a top three, and it continues to be one as of 2020 at number two.

Great middle names for Emma and their meanings:

  • Beth (house)
  • Cate (pure, blessed)
  • Dee (swarthy)
  • Grace (God's grace)
  • Mae (month of May)
  • Ruth (friend)
  • Tate (cheerful)

Famous people with the name Emma:

  • Emma Tremblay (actress, “Elysium”)
  • Emma Watson (actress, “Harry Potter”)
  • Emma Stone (actress, “Easy A”)
  • Emma Slater (professional dancer)
  • Emma Thompson (actress, “Sense and Sensibility”)
  • Emma Moore (actress, “Sea Patrol”
  • Emma Lockhart (actress, “Batman Begins”)
  • Emma Woodhouse (title character in “Emma” by Jane Austen)
  • Emma Pillsbury (character on “Glee”)
  • Emma Swan (character on “Once Upon a Time”)
  • Emma Ross (character on “Jessie”)
  • Emma Geller (character on “Friends”)
  • Emma Frost (character in X-Men comics)



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