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Michigan’s Top Baby Names for 2023: Revealed

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Michigan’s Top Baby Names for 2023: Revealed

Each year, the Social Security Administration releases lists of the most popular baby names in the United States and state-specific data, which reveals regional naming trends. Michigan's most popular baby names are similar to the national baby name list. However, parents in Michigan have chosen some less common names for their children. We will take a closer look at the top 10 baby names for boys and girls in the state of Michigan and highlight some unique names that appear on their baby name lists.

Michigan's Top Boy Names for 2023

Noah, Oliver, and Liam continue to dominate the national list for boy's baby names, and all three appear in Michigan's top 10 list. However, three names on this state's list do not appear in the national top 10: Hudson, Levi, and Jack. These names are likely to be among the national top 10 soon since they appear in multiple state name lists.


Oliver has jumped to the top spot for baby names in Michigan after ranking number two in 2021. This popular boy's name derives from the old Norse word “Áleifr” and was introduced to England by the Normans. It is also associated with the French word “olivier,” which means “olive tree.” Additionally, the name has connections to the Latin word “oliva,” which means “olive” and is also the root of the name Olivia. Oliver, once popular in the Middle Ages, has returned as one of the most fashionable boy's names of the 21st century.

Baby name Oliver



The most popular name given to male newborns in the United States between 2013 and 2015 was Noah. The name stems from the root Hebrew words “nuach” and “nuakh,” meaning “rest” or “peace.” The story of Noah and the flood, as told in the Book of Genesis, describes how the Hebrew patriarch built an ark to save his family and the animals from a 40-day flood. Although more commonly used for boys, the name is actually unisex, with the female version often spelled Noa.

Baby name Noah

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Henry is a very old name that is popular among royal families. Eight English kings bore the name Henry, including Henry VIII, who had two of his wives executed and was the father of Elizabeth I. More recent royals include Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex, whose given name is Henry. Moreover, this name is derived from the German names “Heimirich” and “Heinrich,” which both mean “home ruler” or “estate ruler. ” Henry was introduced to Great Britain by the Normans and was quite popular during the Middle Ages. In recent years, it has become one of many classic names that are making a comeback. Harry and Hal are common nicknames.

Henry baby name meaning and origin

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Liam, an Irish variation of William, has been the most popular boy's name in America for the last five years. Like several other names on our list, it was brought to Great Britain after the Norman conquest. Initially, the Irish form of William was spelled “Uilliam,” which was eventually shortened to Liam. The name Liam means “guardian” and “helmet of will.” Both singers Liam Payne and Liam Gallagher and Irish actor Liam Neeson have contributed to the popularity of this name for boys.

baby name Liam

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Elijah is a biblical name. It means “Jehovah is my God,” stemming from the Hebrew words “El” (God) and “Yah” (Jehovah). The name appears in the First and Second Books of Kings in the Old Testament. Feminine versions of this name include Eliyah and Eliana.

In 1995, Elijah entered the top 100 boy names in the United States. Parents rocketed the name into the top 50 names for boys in 2001, then a top 20 name in 2010. Since 2016, Elijah has consistently ranked in the top 10 names for boys in the country.

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Elijah, a popular biblical name, has been in the top 10 list of the most popular boy's names since 2016.

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Theodore is of Greek origin and means “gift of God” or “divine gift.” The name originates from the Greek words “theos,” which means “God,” and “Doron,” which means “gift.” Although Theodore is not a biblical name, it has been popular among members of the Eastern Orthodox Church due to it being the name of several saints and two popes.

In 1945, Theodore was among the top 100 boys' names, but it later lost popularity until the 2010s when it started regaining its position. Theodore is a classic boy's name with a long history that lends itself to adorable nicknames such as Teddy and Theo. Interestingly, the teddy bear got its name from one of the most famous Theodores in history, Theodore Roosevelt, the 26th president of the United States.

Baby name Theodore



Benjamin, the son of Jacob and Rachel in the Bible, derives from the Hebrew words “ben,” meaning “son,” and “yāmīn,” meaning “right side” or “right hand.” The name Benjamin has been a top choice for baby boys in the United States since 1968. As a result, it reached the top 50 names by 1974, the top 20 in 2009, and the top 10 in 2016. Currently, it is the seventh most popular name for boys in America.



In medieval England, the name Jack originated as a derivative of the name John. The name evolved from John to Johnkin to Jankin to Jackin and finally to Jack. Additionally, some believe that the name Jack has Celtic origins and means “healthy, strong, and full of vital energy.” During the medieval period, the term “Jack” was slang for a man with many skills, hence the term “jack of all trades.”

Since 2000, Jack has consistently ranked among the top 50 names and is currently the 21st most popular name in America. Although rarely used as a given name until the 21st century, it appears in the top 10 names for Scotland, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand.

Toy train spelling name Jack
People now use the name Jack as a given name, though it was once a nickname for John.



In the Bible, Levi is the third son of Jacob and Leah and the name of one of the 12 tribes of Israel. Meaning “united” or “joined,” this short biblical name has a modern sound that parents love.

In the early 2000s, Levi was not a popular name—in 2000, for example, it was barely in the top 200 baby names in the United States. But in 2009, it broke into the top 100 and has been steadily rising ever since. In 2023, the name broke into the top 10 in Michigan from the 11th spot in 2021.

Baby name Levi



Hudson has become a more popular given name in recent years, although it originated as a family name. This ancient English name means “son of Hudd,” with “Hudd” being a term for someone who made hoods. Moreover, Hudson was a common nickname for Hugh, an Old German name that means “mind” or “spirit.”

Before 1995, Hudson did not even appear in the top 1000 baby names. It suddenly broke into the top 100 names in 2015. This name continues to rise, finding a place in the top 50 names in 2020. Michigan parents have embraced this simple, outdoorsy name, making it a top 10 choice for boys in the state.

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Before 1995, Hudson did not appear in the top 1000 baby names, but this name is becoming more common.


Michigan's Top Girl's Names for 2023

For parents of baby girls in the United States, the most popular names are Charlotte, Olivia, and Ava. All three appear in the top five baby names in Michigan. Short and sweet names, particularly those that end in an A-sound, are trendy right now.

However, Michigan has three names that did not rank nationally: Nora, Harper, and Eleanor. Parents are increasingly choosing very old or classic names for their daughters. These three names, which frequently appear in state-specific lists, are likely to be in the top 10 soon.


This French given name, which is the feminine version of Charles, means “free” or “petite.” Charlotte is a significant and enduring presence in literature, and it ranks fifth in popularity among American names for newborns. For example, Jane Austen's novel “Sandition” features a character named Charlotte, while E.B. White chose the name for the spider in the beloved children's classic “Charlotte's Web.”

In the 21st century, parents adore the vintage name Charlotte, which dates back to the 14th century. Throughout history, many queens have been named Charlotte, and the name is still associated with royalty. For instance, King George III's wife, Queen Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, and Prince William and Kate Middleton's daughter, Princess Charlotte, share this name. Queen Charlotte is the inspiration for the character of the same name in Netflix's “Bridgerton” and “Queen Charlotte.”

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This popular girl's name has Latin roots and derives from the Germanic name Amal, which means “work.” In France, people commonly use the variations Amélie and Amélia for this name. Parents in America tend to prefer girl names that end with an A-sound, which can easily be shortened to a nickname. Popular nicknames include Amy and Emma, two girl's names that are also trendy right now. Coincidentally, Amelia ranks as the second most popular girl's name in both Michigan and the United States.

Cute baby lying on bed with toy and word AMELIA composed of wooden letters. Choosing name concept

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Olivia is the feminine form of the popular boy's name, Oliver, which means “olive tree.” Many parents adore Olivia's elegant ending A-sound despite O-sounding names not being typically popular in the United States. Since the 13th century, this name has been associated with wealth and beauty. William Shakespeare picked the name for the beautiful heiress in his play “Twelfth Night.” Many famous women have this given name, ranging from pop singer Olivia Rodrigo to actress and director Olivia Wilde.

Pregnant woman holding a handmade embroidery with the name Olivia in her hands, concept in anticipation.
Olivia is the feminine form of Oliver, another top 10 baby name.



The short and sweet name Ava means “voice” in both the Persian and Urdu languages. It may also stem from the Latin word “Avis,” which means “bird.” Dating back to the Middle Ages, Ava was an esteemed name associated with a ninth-century saint and one of the first female poets, Ava of Göttweig or Frau Ava, who was the first female writer in the German language.

The name resurged in the mid-20th century after the popularity of actress Ava Gardner but fell out of the baby name charts in the 1970s. Surprisingly, the name reached the top 10 status on the Social Security Administration's list in 2005 and has been in the top five baby names for American girls ever since. Its resurgence may be due to celebrities like Reese Witherspoon and Hugh Jackman choosing it for their children and its pleasant A-sound.

Young pregnant woman with name AVA written on her tummy, closeup. Concept of choosing baby name
Ava's popularity last peaked in the mid-20th century after the rise of movie star Ava Gardner.

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Once popular as a boy's name in the 19th century, Evelyn has made a comeback as a trendy name for girls. The origin and meanings of Evelyn are uncertain. Some suggest that it originated as a last name derived from the French family name Aveline. However, others believe that Evelyn is a combination of “Eve,” which means “alive” in Hebrew, and “Lynn,” which means “lake” in Welsh.

Like other names on this list, this name has many associated nicknames, including Eve, Evie, and Lynn. Moreover, Evelynn is a popular spelling variation among American parents. While this name did not break into the top 10 baby names for the United States, only reaching number 12, Michigan parents embraced it. Evelyn also appears on other state lists, suggesting it may eventually become a national top 10 baby name.

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Sophia has its roots in ancient Greece. The name stems from the ancient Greek word “sophia” (σοφία), which translates to “wisdom.” The name also relates to the Greek word “sophós (σοφός),” meaning “clever,” “skillful,” or “intelligent.” During the Middle Ages, European royalty popularized the name Sophia, while the Greek Orthodox Church celebrated St. Sophia, a patron saint who was the mother of Faith, Hope, and Love.

Sophia has been a popular name in the United States for over a decade. Between 2011 and 2013, it was the most popular name for baby girls in the country, with approximately 21,000 babies receiving the name each year. Since then, Sophia has remained a top-five name, with around 17,000 newborn girls being named Sophia each year.

Cute baby with word SOPHIA lying on soft blanket. Choosing name concept
Sophia's associations with wisdom and beauty may explain why it has been a favorite name for girls for over a decade.

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The German word “ermen” gave us the name Emma, which means “whole” or “universal.” During the Middle Ages, the name was often linked with royalty, including Emma of Normandy, a medieval queen who was the Queen Consort of two different English kings. Emma's popularity surged after Rachel and Ross's daughter Emma was born in 2002 on the television series “Friends.” Popular actresses such as Emma Watson, Emma Roberts, and Emma Stone have also boosted the name's recent trendiness.

Bracelet with baby name EMMA on color cloth
Emma is an elegant name that means “whole” or “universal.”

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The name Eleanor has Greek and French origins and means “light-hearted” or “shining light.” In the early-20th century, Eleanor was primarily used as a boy's name, but it has since become more popular for girls.

Eleanor lends itself to several nicknames, including Ellie and Nellie. It also has several spelling variations, including Elinor and Eleanore. In fact, Jane Austen used two different spellings for the name of the same character: Eleanor in “Northanger Abbey” and Elinor in “Sense and Sensibility.”

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Harper was originally an occupational last name used for harp players in the Middle Ages. Like Hudson, it has steadily gained popularity as a given name, making it to the top twenty girl's names in 2013. Harper Lee, the author of the beloved novel “To Kill a Mockingbird,” is the most well-known person with this name.

Harper colorful decorated wooden letter name for nursery room, Decoupage and painted handmade letters for decoration, Wall letters, Door letters, DYI
Author Harper Lee is the most famous person with the given name Harper.

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Nora comes from two distinct names: Honora and Eleanor. The Normans brought “Honora,” which means “honor,” to Ireland. In Hungary, Nora was a nickname for Eleonora, a variation of Eleanore, another name on our list. Sometimes, the name Nora is spelled as “Norah,” which is the case with the well-known singer Norah Jones. Several languages have variations of this name, such as Noor (Dutch), Norene (English), and Norina (Italian).


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In Summary

The most popular baby names in Michigan follow the national trend of using biblical names for boys and short and sweet names ending with an “A” sound for girls. However, there are some exceptions in Michigan's top 10 lists.

In many state-specific lists, including Michigan, the names Hudson, Levi, and Jack appear, although they do not make it to the top 10 list for the United States. Vintage names such as Nora, Harper, and Eleanor are increasingly popular for girls but do not appear in the top 10 yet. However, all three girls' names are in Michigan's top 10. As a result, Michigan's naming trends seem to reflect both current and possibly future national trends.

You have a wide range of baby names to choose from, whether you like to follow trends or prefer something unique. What is most important is to select a name that feels right for your child.

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