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Idaho’s Top Baby Names, Revealed

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Idaho’s Top Baby Names, Revealed

Idaho's top baby names for 2023 have been compiled and released, data that reflects a state embracing national naming trends while also being a bit of a trendsetter. Several names in Idaho's top ten are sure to appear in the national top ten within the next few years. Names like Owen and Ezra for boys and Harper and Hazel for girls have been steadily climbing the baby name charts for the past decade.

Moreover, 2023 baby names reflect two major trends: the popularity of Biblical names, particularly for boys, and the embrace of simple names ending with A sound, like Olivia, Ava, and Emma. This trend is also seen for boys in names like Ezra. Now, let us take a closer look at the baby names in Idaho's top ten lists. We will also explore each name's origins and meaning.

Idaho's Top Baby Names For 2023

In 2023, the top baby name list for Idaho resembles the United States' top baby name list, but also reflects some trending names outside the top ten. There are four names on the boys' list and three names on the girls' list that do not appear in the top ten national baby names. However, these names will probably be in the top ten baby names lists in the next few years as they have been steadily growing in popularity. These names include Jack, Asher, Ezra, and Owen for boys. For girls, the names are Harper, Eleanor, and Hazel. Here is the complete top ten list for Idaho's top baby names in 2023.

Table showing Idaho's Top Baby Names For 2023
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Girls' naming trends are dominated by simple, classic names that end with the letter A, such as Ava, Emma, and Olivia.


Idaho's Top Baby Girl Names For 2023

1. Olivia

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Olivia has been one of the top ten most popular girl names in the U.S. since 2001. This name, which means “olive tree,” has been in use since the 13th century and is the feminine version of Idaho's most popular boy's name, Oliver. The name gained even more popularity after William Shakespeare used it in his play Twelfth Night, which featured a countess named Olivia who had multiple suitors.

2. Amelia

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The name Amelia, which means “work,” gained popularity in the 18th century after King George II married his wife, Queen Amelia. It was also made famous by Amelia Earhart, the first woman to fly alone across the Atlantic Ocean, in the 20th century. In recent years, Amelia has remained a popular choice for baby names across the globe.

3. Charlotte

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Charlotte, a vintage name that was often used for royal babies in previous centuries, has become one of the most popular girl's names in America. The name Charlotte is the feminine version of Charles, another name that was popular for royal children and means “free man” or “petite.” Two famous writers who share this name are Charlotte Bronte, the author of the novel Jane Eyre, and Charlotte Perkins Gilman, the writer of the short story “The Yellow Wallpaper.”

4. Harper

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Harper was once an uncommon name; however, it is now a popular as a gender-neutral name. The name has its roots in the Old English word “hearpere,” which was used to describe someone whose profession was playing the harp. The name's meaning translates to “harp player” or “one who plays the harp.” Pulitzer Prize-winning author Harper Lee, known for her classic novel To Kill a Mockingbird, is one of the most notable people with this name.

5. Emma

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The name Emma, which means “whole” or “universal,” has been in the top ten girls' names in the United States for twenty years. It is a very old name that was once a popular name for medieval queens. Jane Austen titled one of her novels after the name Emma. The novel is a Regency-era romance that follows the story of a clever but misguided young woman who tries to play matchmaker.

6. Evelyn

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The name “Evelyn” originates from the Old French name “Aveline,” which, in turn, comes from the Old Germanic name “Avelina.” The name means “desired” or “wished for.” Evelyn has been used as both a masculine and feminine name throughout history, but in modern times, it is more commonly used for girls. There are several variations of this name, such as Éibhleann (Irish), Eveleen, and Evaline.

7. Eleanor

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Eleanor is another name associated with medieval royalty. In fact, historians believe the name immigrated from France to England when Eleanor of Aquitaine arrived in England in the thirteenth century. Another reason the name may appeal to parents is the number of nicknames associated with Eleanor, including Nora, Lenore, Nell, and Ella. Nicknames are also trending in popularity.

8. Hazel

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Once considered an old lady's name, Hazel is one of the most popular girls' names right now. Several celebrities, including Julia Roberts and Emily Blunt, have given their daughters this vintage name. Hazel refers to a greenish-brown color. Historically, a wand made of Hazel was a symbol of protection.

9. Sophia

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Stemming from the Greek word “sophos,” meaning “wisdom,” this is another girl's name with roots in medieval royalty. Saint Sofia was also a popular saint in the Middle Ages, which also contributed to the name's popularity. From 2011 to 2013, Sophia was the number-one name for girls in America and has remained in the top ten ever since.

10. Ava

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While the name Ava means “bird-like,” the name itself has unclear origins. Linked to words in Latin, German, Hebrew, and Persian, this popular name may also mean “desire.” During the Golden Age of Hollywood, actress Ava Gardner was the most famous Ava in the world. In recent years, both Heather Locklear and Reese Witherspoon named their daughters Ava.

Idaho's Top Baby Boy Names For 2023

1. Oliver

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Like the name Olivia, Oliver means “olive tree.” Introduced to England by the Normans, the name Oliver has its roots in France. Moreover, the French name “Olivier” means “olive tree.” Furthermore, the spelling of the name was eventually changed to Oliver. For centuries, the olive tree has been a symbol of peace, associated with dignity, fruitfulness, and beauty. In 2020, the name has become even more popular, finally making it to the top ten.

2. Liam

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Liam is an Irish variation of the traditional English name William. Just like William, the name Liam means “protector” or “helmet of will”. The name became popular outside of Ireland during the mid-1800s. It is now one of the most popular names in the world. Famous people with the name include actors Liam Neeson and Liam Hemsworth.

3. Henry

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The name Henry has been associated with English royalty for a long time. Eight monarchs have shared this name, including Henry VIII, who famously had eight wives. The name's meaning is “keeper of the house.” Despite being an old-fashioned name, it is currently one of the most popular names in the United States. Vintage names like Henry are very trendy names right now.

4. William

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The name William is more than a thousand years old. The name stems from the Old High German name “Wilhelm,” which means “resolute protector.” William has been on the list of top twenty names for boys for over 100 years. While Liam, the Irish version of William, is currently more popular, William is a traditional name that always seems to be in style.

5. James

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The name James has been a popular choice for parents of newborns since the early 1900s. This name has maintained its appeal due to its timeless quality and enduring popularity. Another factor that has contributed to its continued use is the trend of choosing biblical names for babies. James originated from the Hebrew name Jacob and was also the name of one of the twelve apostles.

6. Noah

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Following the biblical naming trend, Noah is a popular Old Testament name, meaning “rest” and “comfort.” Although traditionally a boy's name, it is also a girl's name The feminine form of the name is sometimes spelled “Noa.” The name hit its peak in the 2010s but shows no sign of lagging in popularity.

7. Jack

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Jack is commonly used as a nickname for James, John, or Jackson. However, Jack is now a popular name in its own right. The name originally had an occupational meaning in the Middle Ages, referring to a versatile worker who could do all sorts of jobs. “Jack of all trades” is a phrase related to this occupational surname. Nowadays, the name Jack is frequently used as a given name. Jack appears in the top twenty baby name lists of countries such as the United States, Scotland, Australia, and Ireland.

8. Asher

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Asher, which first appears in the book of Genesis, is another Biblical name that is trending this year. The name means “happiness,” and it is also linked to an Old English surname that signifies “a person who resides near an ash tree.” Although it is more commonly used as a name for boys, Asher is a unisex name and can also be given to girls.

9. Ezra

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The name “Eza” has been gradually gaining popularity in recent years. It originates from the Hebrew name “Azaryahu,” which means “God helps” or “God protects.” Some people also interpret it to mean “helper.” The name is often given to girls in Turkey, where it is sometimes spelled “Esra.” In Arabic, the word “Esra” means “traveler at night.”

10. Owen

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Owen is a Welsh name meaning “well-born” or “young warrior” and is believed to be a combination of the names Owain (Welsh) and the Eoghan (Celtic). Dating back to the Renaissance, Owen began climbing the charts in 1993 and continues to gain popularity. Owen Wilson is probably the most well-known actor with this first name.

In Summary

Idaho's top baby names in 2023 closely resemble national trends. The state's list includes the top baby names in the country, names like Olivia, Ava, Liam, and Noah. However, the state's list also includes names just outside the national top ten, such as Jack and Owen. Increasingly popular, these names will probably appear on the national list in the next few years. When it comes to choosing a name for your baby, it is a personal choice, so always pick a name that you love, trendy or not.

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