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Arkansas Top Baby Names For 2023: Revealed

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Arkansas Top Baby Names For 2023: Revealed

If you are soon expecting a baby and you and your partner struggling to find a name, we have just the article for you. Popular baby names often change for various reasons. Those reasons range from gender to the religious meaning of the name. Additionally, pop culture and location can have an impact on the most popular names. In this article, we will be focusing on popular baby names in Arkansas. We will cover Arkansas' top baby names in the year 2023, and the meaning behind each of them. At the end of the article, you can find a comprehensive list of even more popular baby names in Arkansas.

1. Olivia

Pregnant woman holding a handmade embroidery with the name Olivia in her hands, concept in anticipation.
Olivia is one of the most popular female baby names in the United States and has been for several years.


In 2023, Arkansas' top baby name was Olivia. Similar to Oklahoma, this name ranked number one on both the top baby girl names and the top names overall in Arkansas. Olivia is of English origin and it means olive tree and peace. This name has held its high rank since 2021, when it had 181 babies born with this name. In 2023, baby experts predict that 157 babies will have this name. Currently, there are a total of 507,000 people in the United States, since 1880, that have or have had the first name of Olivia.

2. Liam

baby name Liam
In 2021, Liam was the top baby boy name across the entire United States.

©MomsWhoThink /MomsWhoThink

While this name ranked first on Arkansas' top baby names for boys, it ranks second on the top baby names overall. Liam comes from Irish descent and it means protector and warrior, or determined guardian. In 2021, it tied with the second most popular baby boy name in Arkansas, Oliver. Both of these names had 160 babies with that name in that year. However, in 2023 Liam is predicted to have a slightly higher outcome. In addition to being popular in this state, Liam is a popular name all around. In 2021 it was the number-one baby boy name across the nation, and is predicted to be again in 2023.

3. Oliver

Baby name Oliver
Similar to Olivia, the name Olive means olive tree, peace, and descendant of the ancestor.


Oliver is ranked third on both Arkansas's top baby names and the top baby names nationwide. Oliver comes from Latin origin and has the same meaning as the female name Olivia. Although it is very popular, its popularity is estimated to drop slightly in 2023. In 2021, there were 160 babies given this name, and in 2023 experts estimate that only 152 will be given this name. Regardless, it still ranks very highly and is a popular choice of baby name.

4. Elijah

popular american male first name elijah
In 2021, 12,708 children had Elijah as their first name.

©Stefan Petersohn/Shutterstock.com

Although the name Elijah has dropped slightly to the number five spot in the nation's most popular baby names, it holds strong on Arkansas's list. Coming in at the number three spot for boy's names and number four spot overall, this is definitely a common choice. Elijah is of Hebrew origin and means “The Lord is my God.” Experts predict that 133 babies born in 2023 will have this name.

5. Noah

Baby name Noah
Noah is a popular name across various cultures.

©MomsWhoThink /MomsWhoThink

This popular, biblical name comes from Hebrew origin and is derived from the biblical figure Noah. It comes from the word “nuach” meaning “rest” or “repose”. Not only is it a common name choice in Arkansas but also across the United States. It spent 5 years as the number one boy name in the United States and still sits highly ranked at the number two spot in 2023.

6. Amelia

Cute baby lying on bed with toy and word AMELIA composed of wooden letters. Choosing name concept
In 2023, Amelia was the third most popular girl name in the United States.

©Africa Studio/Shutterstock.com

While boy names have been dominating Arkansas' top baby names, Amelia scores another point for the female names. Ranked as the third most popular girl name in 2021, Amelia has now claimed the number two spot on the girl's top baby names. This name is Old Norse in origin and it means industrious or hardworking. In addition to its high ranking in Arkansas, it also places high nationwide. In 2023 it sat at the second spot of popular girl names in the country.

7. William

Baby name William
William has Germanic roots and means resolute protector.

©MomsWhoThink /MomsWhoThink

With over 4.2 million people having this as their first name since 1880, it is clear to see that William earns its spot on Arkansas's top baby names. William has Germanic roots and has a combination meaning of desire and protector. Therefore people often say it means resolute protector. This name ranks fifth in boy names in Arkansas and seventh in boy names in the entire county. It has slowly declined from its number six spot in the national ranking in 2021.

8. Asher

Baby boy name meanings - Asher
Asher is a name that is more unique to Southwest regions rather than across the entire United States.

©AngieToh / Pixabay – License

Although it has dropped down a spot on the list since 2021, Asher still makes it on the list of Arkansas' top baby names. Predicted to have 123 new babies with this name in 2023, it doesn't seem like there will be any shortages of Ashers in the world. The name Asher has Hebrew origins and is slowly gaining popularity as a gender-neutral name. Its meanings are blessed, happy, and Ash tree. This name is more specific to Arkansas and does not make it on the top ten most popular baby names in the nation.

9. Hudson

Hudson baby name meaning and origin
Since 1880, about 83,000 people in the United States have Hudson as their first name.

©MomsWhoThink /MomsWhoThink

Jumping up a spot since 2021, Hudson is a name that is growing in popularity in Arkansas. More specific to the local area, this name now has 83,000 people that have it as their first name since 1880. This name just recently gained popularity in the United States, becoming a first name only about 30-40 years ago. It has an English origin and means son of heart, spirit, and mind. Like Asher, it does not make it on the nation's list of most popular baby names.

10. James

Baby name James

©MomsWhoThink /MomsWhoThink

Although this name is gaining popularity nationwide, it is slowly on the decline in Arkansas. It sits as the fourth most popular boy name in the nation but has dropped to number eight on Arkansas's list. Regardless, experts still predict at least 112 babies born in 2023 to be named James. Additionally, there have been 5.2 million people in the United States since 1880 who have the first name James. It has both Hebrew and Latin origins and means he who shall follow and protect. People also say it means supplanter and “May God protect.”

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