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When you think of the name Brooklyn, you may first think of the name of the borough that is full of hipsters in the city of New York. What is interesting, however, is that the name Brooklyn actually comes from the name of this borough. The name was popularized to be used as a name during the 1990s for boys and girls.

Meaning of the name Brooklyn:

Dutch: marshland
American: broken land, pretty brook

Origin of the name Brooklyn:

The baby name Brooklyn is a modern name that is based on the name of the borough that is spelled the same in New York City. The borough of Brooklyn received its name from the Dutch city that was called Breukelen which meant marshland or broken land in English translation.

Symbolism of the name Brooklyn:

Initially, the Dutch city Breukelen was translated in English to Brookland. It was then formed in Brooklyn before becoming a city in New York City. It may have been the Beckhams who aided in popularizing the name of this borough as a baby name.

Baby name: Brooklyn

Style of the name Brooklyn:


Gender of the name Brooklyn:

The baby name Brooklyn is used for both boys and girls, but it was originally intended for just boys.

Pronunciation of the name Brooklyn:


Number of syllables in the name Brooklyn:


Emotion evoked from the name Brooklyn:

Brooklyn is a very trendy and hip baby name. It feels young and unique.

Alternative spellings for the name Brooklyn:

Nicknames for the name Brooklyn:

Popularity of the name Brooklyn:

The baby name Brooklyn went on the Social Security Index in 1990, and it reached the top 200 list in 1999 at number 182. It remained on this list until 2004, then was put on the top 100 list until 2007. Brooklyn even became a top 50 name from the years 2008 to 2018, but as of 2020, the name ranks at number 54 overall.

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Famous people with the name Brooklyn:

Brooklyns in popular culture:

  • Brooklyn (character in song “Hello Brooklyn” by All Time Low)
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