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Brook is a unisex alternative to Brooke. Both were originally surnames for families who lived among brooks and streams. As of 2021, Brook is a top 5,200 option for boys or girls.

Meaning of the name Brook:

English: small stream

Origin of the name Brook:

The baby name Brook was originally a surname in England. Brook and Brooke, a spelling variation, have the same origins. Families who lived by small streams had this surname. With the popularity of the feminine Brooke declining, Brook is on the rise. It follows the trend of unisex baby names.

Symbolism of the name Brook:

The baby name Brook translates to “small stream.” It originally was a surname that represented families who lived by streams in England. The translation remained the same when Brook turned into a given name.

Style of the name Brook:

Modern as a first name, traditional as a surname

Gender of the name Brook:

Brook is a simple name for girls or boys.

Pronunciation of the name Brook:


Number of syllables in the name Brook:


Emotion evoked from the name Brook:

Brook feels youthful and common. It is a simple and natural option.

Alternative spellings for the name Brook:

Nicknames for the name Brook:

  • Bee
  • BB
  • Brookie
  • Brooky
  • Rook
  • Roo
  • Roro

Popularity of the name Brook:

Brook was a top 1,000 baby name in America from 1972 to 2003. In 1972 it was number 939, and in 2003, 960. Brook ranked highest in 1980 at rank 503. As of 2021, Brook is a top 5,200 option at number 5,195.

Related names for the name Brook:

Great middle names for Brook and their meanings:

  • Camille (helper to the priest)
  • Dakota (friend, ally)
  • Fiona (fair, pale)
  • Elise (God's promise)
  • Asher (happy, blessed)
  • Carter (one who transports goods with a cart)
  • Julian (youthful, Jove's child, downy-haired)
  • Ryder (horseman, rider)

Famous people with the name Brook:

  • Brook Lopez (basketball player)
  • Brook Sykes (actor, “Wicked Science: The Movie”)
  • Brook Reeves (vocalist from Impending Doom)

Brooks in popular culture:

  • Brook (character from “One Piece”)
  • Brook Hyde (character from “I Am Not a Hipster”)
  • Brook Soso (character from “Orange is the New Black”)
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