The baby name Evan is a Welsh baby name commonly used throughout the country. In America, however, it is close to a top 100 name. Evan has Biblical roots, as the church in Wales made it to be their version of the name John.

Meaning of the name Evan:

Welsh: the Lord is gracious
Hebrew: rock

Origin of the name Evan:

Evan is the English version of the Welsh Iefan. This name was derived from the Hebrew name John, which comes from the Hebrew Yochanan. Though a traditional name, it is one of the most popular in America and in Wales.

Symbolism of the name Evan:

Evan means “the Lord is gracious,” giving it a similar meaning to the name John. This latter name actually means “God is gracious.”

Style of the name Evan:


Gender of the name Evan:

Evan is a distinctly male name.

Pronunciation of the name Evan:


Number of syllables in the name Evan:


Emotion evoked from the name Evan:

Evan is a kind name that is very approachable and open-minded. It is a simple and mellow-toned name.

Alternative spellings for the name Evan:

  • Evann
  • Evyn
  • Evynn
  • Evin 
  • Evinn

Nicknames for the name Evan:

Popularity of the name Evan:

Evan has almost always been on the top 500 list of the Social Security Index. Starting in the year 1983 until 2019, Evan was actually a top 100 name. From 2003 to 2012, it reached top 50 status as well. As of 2020, it has slightly declined to number 105 overall.

Related names for the name Evan:

Great middle names for Evan and their meanings:

  • Thomas (twin)
  • Riley (wood clearing)
  • Linden (linden tree hill)
  • Roscoe (deer wood)
  • Ramsey (garlic island)
  • Maddox (fortunate)
  • Walter (power, brightness)
  • Gregory (watchful, alert)

Famous people with the name Evan:

  • Evan Peters (actor, “American Horror Story”)
  • Evan Walsh (drummer of The Strypes band)
  • Evan Royster (NFL player)
  • Evan Smith (NFL player)
  • Evan Longoria (MLB player)
  • Evan Handler (actor, “Sex and the City”)
  • Evan Bates (figure skater)

Evans in popular culture:

  • Evan Baxter (character in “Evan Almighty”)
  • Evan Chambers (character from “Greek”
  • Evan Treborn (character from “The Butterfly Effect”)
  • Evan Trautwig (character from “The Watch”)
  • Evan Parks (character from “The Client List”)
  • Evan Knight (character from “Parenthood”)
  • Evan Huang (character from “Fresh Off the Boat”)
  • Evan Hansen (character from “Dear Evan Hansen”)