From the popular name Idris to the lesser-known name Guwain, this list of Welsh baby names for boys is filled with options that are both traditional and modern. Explore the meanings of each of these masculine options to find the perfect fit for your son.

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  • Garreth Garreth is an old Welsh boy name that derives from the words for “gentle” and “watchful.” Variations include Garth and Gareth.
  • Llewelyn Llewelyn is a fierce Welsh name for boys. It means “lion-like” and can also be spelled Llywelyn or Llywellyn.
  • TristanTristan is a Welsh boy name that can be traced back to the time of King Arthur. The female version is Tristana.
  • Gerallt Gerallt is a Welsh name for boys that means “ruler of the spear.” Though it's often pronounced as Ger-ALT, its true Welsh pronunciation is more like Ger-ah-SHHLT.
  • RhysRhys is a popular Welsh baby name that always makes the top lists of the year. As a bonus, it's pronounced like Reese, so it'll be easy for others to understand even if they aren't Welsh.
  • Ianto Ianto is a Welsh boy name that was made popular by the Torchwood television series. It's pronounced YAHN-to.
  • Ewen Ewen is a strong Welsh boy name that means “warrior.” Another version is Ewan. Both are pronounced the same way, but they have a slight variation between the “ehn” and “awhn” sounds in the second syllable.
  • Aneirin Aneirin is a Welsh boy name that comes from a 5th century war poet. Modern parents often shorten it to Nye.
  • Idris Idris is a Welsh boy name meaning “ardent lord.” It's been popularized by the actor Idris Elba, but its Scandinavian origins are actually much older.
  • Halwyn Halwyn is a Welsh boy name that means “salt.” It'll be well-suited for a good, strong and salt-of-the-earth family.
  • Emrys Emrys is a timeless Welsh boy name. It means “immortal.”
  • Glaw Glaw is a unique Welsh boy name. It's pronounced Gl-AYOW, which might give you a bit of trouble through the years, but its meaning of “rain” is simple and beautiful.
  • Iestyn Iestyn is a Welsh boy name that derives from Justin. It could be a fun way to jazz up a more traditional European name.
  • Iwan Iwan is a Welsh boy name derived from John. Variations include Ioan, Ifan and Ieuan, all of which are pronounced similarly.
  • Griff Griff is a Welsh boy name that'll bring to mind tough, good-hearted lads. This is fitting since it means both “ruddy” and “fierce chief.”
  • Art Art is a simple Welsh boy name. Some say that it was the true name of King Arthur. Another historic version is Wat, though that's much less common in modern times.
  • Bronn Bronn is a Welsh boy name that comes from the older name Bronnwen. However, the short version has become far more popular than the original.
  • Meical Meical is a charming Welsh boy name. Derived from Michael, its vowel arrangement will give you a Welsh accent with every utterance.
  • Iolyn Iolyn is a fun Welsh name for boys. Give it to a son who's going to grow up to be a heartbreaker: It means “handsome lord.”
  • Dyfan Dyfan is a Welsh boy name that's more than it seems. Pronounced like “Devan,” it's actually derived from Damon, and it means “day” or “constant.”
  • Cai Cai is a Welsh boy's name with a lofty meaning. Usually translated as “lord” or “chief,” it's the kind of name that you give to a son when you have big dreams for his future.
  • Elidyr Elidyr is a Welsh boy name that's built to last. Meaning either “bronze” or “brass,” it'll ring with hammering strength.
  • Huw Huw is a short and simple Welsh boy name. Pronounced like Hugh, it means “heart or mind.”
  • Conway Conway is a howlingly good Welsh boy name. It means “hound of the plains,” which will surely echo over your son's life.
  • Gawain Gawain is a Welsh boy name that harks back to Sir Gawain, Knight of the Round Table. He was known for both his bravery and his chivalry. Variations include Gawen, Gavan and Gavin.

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