The British culture is one that is steeped in tradition and carries a decidedly elegant and sophisticated air. So when you're seeking a name that carries those qualities, perhaps you should consider a British baby name. Below is a list of British baby names of various origins — including English, Celtic, Welsh and more. And while Ireland and Great Britain are indeed two different nations, they are both part of the British Isles, and therefore some beautiful names on this list hail from various parts of the United Kingdom. Take a look and find the perfect name for your little one.

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  • AinsleyAinsley is an Old English baby name that evokes independence. The name is taken from two Old English words that mean “alone in the woods” when brought together.
  • ArdenArden is a Celtic baby name with a hint of class. The name means “high.”
  • AshleyAshley is an Old English baby name with connections to the wild. The name means “ash tree clearing.”
  • BrettBrett is a Middle English baby name that shows up as several literary characters' name. The name means “Breton,” a person from coastal France.
  • Bryn Bryn is a Welsh baby name that is short, snappy and unique. It means “mound” or “hill.”
  • CameronCameron is a Gaelic baby name with a bit of character. While the name means “crooked nose,” it still sounds nice but some parents might want to raise a child to remain humble.
  • CallumCallum is a Scottish baby name relevant to early Christianity. This name means “dove,” symbolic of purity, calm and holiness.
  • CaseyCasey is an Anglicized baby name derived from the Irish surname Cathasach. Cathasach means “vigilant.”
  • CassidyCassidy is an Irish baby name that may bring cowboys to mind thanks to Butch Cassidy. The meaning of the name is simply “child of Caiside.”
  • EllisEllis is a kind-sounding Welsh baby name, sometimes spelled with only one L. It means “benevolent.”
  • Finlay Finlay is a British baby name and the Anglicized version of Fionn. Unlike Fionn, Finlay is suitable for either sex yet also means “fair-haired hero.”
  • Gael Gael is, unsurprisingly, a Gaelic baby name and may be derived from Gwenael. The name means “blessed” or “generous” and can be pronounced as Gail or Ga-ehl.
  • HunterHunter is an Old English baby name with obvious connections to seeking out food. The name's meaning is literally its name, “one who hunts.”
  • JamieJamie is a Lowland Scot baby name and has been used as a diminutive of James. The name's meaning is either “supplanter,” meaning a person who supports, or “may God protect.”
  • KenzieKenzie is a British baby name and quite a popular one for boys despite it being a short form of Mackenzie. The name means “bright one.”
  • Kit Kit is a British baby name, short for either Christopher or Katherine. As such it can mean “bearer of Christ” or “pure,” respectively.
  • LennonLennon is a British baby name and one that brings The Beatles to mind. Lennon means “lover.”
  • LennoxLennox is a Scottish baby name and one often connected to nature. The name is taken from a place known for growing elm trees, hence the name's meaning “place of elms.”
  • Leslie Leslie is a Gaelic baby name that has a surprisingly sweet sound for either sex. Much like with Lennox, Leslie started as a place name and means “garden of holly,” making it a perfect name for someone born around Christmastime.
  • MorganMorgan is an Old Welsh name, derived from Morcant. As a derivative, Morgan's meaning overlaps with Morcant's, resulting in “sea circle.” Given the name's meaning, it might be perfect for anyone born on an island.
  • RhysRhys is a Welsh baby name with a variety of alternate spellings. It means “ardor,” meaning “enthusiasm” or “passion.”
  • Romilly Romilly is an English baby name and one that indicates a love of history. The name means “citizen of Rome.”
  • RoryRory is an energetic Irish baby name derived from Ireland's last High King. Because it means “red king,” it is more than suitable to name a red-headed child.
  • Teegan Teegan is a Cornish baby name that is connected to artistry. While its Cornish meaning is “special thing,” it also shows up in Gaelic as “little poet.”
  • WhitneyWhitney is an Old English baby name that might be perfect for an only child. The name's meaning of “white island” conjures mental images of standing out and being easily recognized.

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