From Beatrix to Elsie to Pippa, there is no shortage of beautiful British baby names for girls. If you're looking to give your daughter a name that carries with it an air of elegance and sophistication, select a name from this list. Take a look!

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  • Aofe Aofe is an Irish-Gaelic girl's name and taken from a legendary warrior woman. The name means “radiant” and is pronounced EE-fa.
  • Beatrix Beatrix is an English girl's name and a rather distinct one at that. It means “blessed.”
  • Briony Briony is a British girl's name and one that is quite rare. It means “to sprout,” making it perfect for parents with green thumbs or tall heights.
  • Caomhe Caomhe is a Scot-Irish girl's name that is melodious and unique. Fittingly, the name means “beautiful” and is pronounced kwee-va.
  • Clover Clover is an Old English girl's name, taken after the flower of the same name. Children are often the keys of a parent's heart and this name actually means “key.”
  • Cressida Cressida is a British name for girls that is the perfect accent to any personality. Cressida's meaning comes from “gold” in Greek.
  • Eira Eira is a Welsh girl's name and one for those favoring purity in their daughter's name. Pronounced like the male name Ira, Eira means “snow.”
  • ElsieElsie is a Scottish girl's name and the shortened form of Elspeth/Elizabeth. This name would be quite fitful for a religious family as it means “pledged to God.”
  • FreyaFreya is a Norse girl's name that has risen to prominence as suitable for British girls. It means “noble woman.”
  • GemmaGemma is a British girl's name that brings gemstones to mind. Considering Gemma means “precious stone,” the mental connection fits.
  • HattieHattie is an English girl's name and a diminutive of Harriet. As to its meaning, Hattie means “estate ruler.”
  • ImogenImogen is a Celtic girl's name associated with Shakespeare's Cymboline and may be a mispelling of Innogen, the first queen of Britain. Fittingly, the name means “maiden.”
  • IslaIsla is an Scottish girl's name by way of a specific river in that country. While the name means “island,” it could be given to any child whose parents desire a free-flowing personality.
  • LottieLottie is an English girl's name and the diminutive form of Charlotte. Amusingly, its meaning can be read as “free man.”
  • MaisieMaisie is an old Scottish girl's name, derived from Margaret or Mary. As to its meaning, it means either “pearl” or “bitter.”
  • NicolaNicola is an Italian girl's name that is quite common in the UK. It is also perfect for exceptional children as it means “people of victory.”
  • PippaPippa is an English girl's name, derived from Phillipa. Almost every little girl hits a horse phase but Pippa means “lover of horses.”
  • PoppyPoppy is an English girl's name, taken from the flower of the same appelation. Understandably, the name's meaning is just “red flower” and would be perfect for a red-headed daughter.
  • Primrose Primrose is an English girl's name and quite a florid one at that. The name means “first rose,” making it ideal for a firstborn.
  • Rhonwen Rhonwen is a Welsh girl's name and has a pleasing sound to it. The name means “slender” or “fair.”
  • RosieRosie is an English girl's name that is full of positive energy and love. This name comes from the rose, a classic romantic flower.
  • Scarlette Scarlette is an English girl's name that is full of passion. It means a shade of red.
  • Tamsin Tamsin is an English girl's name and diminutive of Thomasina. Because it means “twin,” this name would be ideal for a female fraternal twin or a child who closely resembles her mother.
  • Winnifred Winnifred is a Welsh girl's name that would be perfect for any parent who favors a “classic” name. Considering that the name means “blessed peacemaking,” those first few years of childhood should go swimmingly.
  • Zara Zara is a British girl's name that gets more attention than the similar Sara. It means “princess” in English.

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