Finding the perfect baby name for your little boy depends on the various traits and qualities you not only hold in high regard, but also one that carries the qualities you hope your little boy will grow up to embody. Here is a list of British baby names for boys that is filled with options that are playful, elegant, traditional, modern and more. Take a look and find the best option for your son.

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  • Adney Adney is a British boy's name and a variant of Andy. It means “noble's island” and would be perfect for any little prince in your life.
  • Alfie Alfie is a British boy's name and a variant of Alfred. It means “wise counselor” and could be a great portent of educational prowess.
  • Beck Beck is a monosyllabic British boy's name. It means “brook,” meaning a small stream. Parents who happen to be fans of the anime “One Piece” might also appreciate the subtle reference to one of its characters, named Brook.
  • BowenBowen is a Welsh boy's name that sounds a bit flashier than Owen. The name actually means “Owen's son.”
  • ChanceChance is a British boy's name full of possibilities. Despite perceptions of being related to opportunity, the name's meaning is derived from “chancellor,” a record keeper.
  • Cillian Cillian, or Killian, is an Irish boy's name and quite a popular one. It can mean either “church” or “war strife.”
  • Dougal Dougal is a Scottish boy's name with character. The name means “dark stranger” and is pronounced Doo-gahl.
  • Eddie Eddie is a British boy's name and diminutive of Edgar, Edward and Edwin. If you hope to raise a capable son, this name means “prosperous guardian.”
  • Emrys Emrys is a rare Welsh boy's name and the epithet of the wizard Merlin. As a name, it means “immortal” and has connections to ambrosia, the immortality-granting food of the Greek gods.
  • FinnFinn, or Fionn, is a prestigious Irish boy's name. While meaning “fair or white” it is also the given name of one of Ireland's most well-known heroes, Finn MacCool/Fionn mac Cuumhaill.
  • GraemeGrame is a uniquely-spelled Scottish boy's name with an appealing shortness and sweetness. It means “grand home” and could be seen as a portent of finding success enough to own a home.
  • Hamilton Hamilton is a classic English boy's name suitable for any era. It means “proud estate” and has also gained a surge in popularity due to the musical surrounding the life of Alexander Hamilton.
  • HarrisonHarrison is an English boy's name that conveys class without being aristocratic. It means “son of Harris.”
  • HarveyHarvey is a British boy's name that sounds down to earth. It means “battle worthy,” making such a name perfect for any worries about a child being able to endure bullies.
  • JasperJasper is a British boy's name with a bit of dazzle to it. It means “bringer of treasure.”
  • Jestin Jestin is a Welsh boy's name and a different spelling of Justin. The name means “just,” a synonym of “righteous.”
  • KaiKai is a Welsh boy's name and one that can counterbalance a lengthy surname. It meanskeeper of the keys.”
  • LachlanLachlan is a recognizably Scottish boy's name with some history to it. The name comes from the Scottish word for Vikings and means “from the fjord-land,” making it ideal for any future warriors.
  • Laird Laird is a dominant Scottish boy's name, derived from the English word “lord.” As such, this name means “land owner.”
  • LewisLewis is a Scottish boy's name and the most popular way to spell it, beating variants like Louis and Luis. The name means renowned warrior.
  • Ned Ned is a vintage-sounding English boy's name. It also has ties to names like Edward and means “prosperous guardian.”
  • Rafe Rafe is a uniquely English boy's name, derived from Ralph and Rafferty. The meaning of “wolf-counsel” makes it suitable for any parent who wants a truly unforgettable son.
  • SmithSmith is an English boy's name that is the most common surname but quite rare as a given name. “Smith” was added to things to indicate a person worked with a specific metal.
  • TristanTristan is a regal Welsh boy's name inspired by Arthurian tales. Fittingly, the name means “bold.”
  • Wylie Wylie is a brilliant English boy's name that hints of keen intellect. Its actual meaning is “willow meadow.”

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