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Smith is a stellar baby name for boys. Famous as the most common surname in the English-speaking world, Smith has a smooth vibe that renders it timeless. Smith Price is the name of a character in the Royals series, and Smith Vance was also a main character in the After series by Anna Todd. Keep reading to learn more about this name.

Meaning of the name Smith:

Old English: Craftsman, metalworker

Origin of the name Smith:

Smith is an Old English word that means “craftsman.” It descended from the Old High German word smid and is a cognate of the Old Norse word smithr (meaning “metalworker). The Germanic and Norse words produced the Old English verb smitan (meaning “to strike [metal]”), and the noun variation of Smith followed shortly thereafter.

Smith arose as an occupational surname for families who fashioned tools, jewelry, or works of art out of various metals. It was also the shortened version of specific trades like silversmith, blacksmith, and goldsmith. In addition to the Old High German and Old Norse origins, linguists have linked the name to the Middle Low German word smīde (meaning “jewellery”) and even the Old Greek word smilē (meaning “carving knife”).

Symbolism of the name Smith:

Smith is the Anglo-Saxon word for “craftsman.” It first arose as an occupational surname among metalworkers in England, Scotland, and Ireland. Smith is also a common surname among African Americans whose freedmen ancestors adopted surnames to reflect their or their father's skilled trade. Globally, the symbol of the smith is the striking hammer.

Style of the name Smith:


Gender of the name Smith:

Smith is a boy's name.

Pronunciation of the name Smith:


Number of syllables in the name Smith:


Emotion evoked from the name Smith:

The name Smith evokes feelings of stardom and status.

Alternative spellings for the name Smith:

  • Smyth
  • Smythe
  • Schimdt

Nicknames for the name Smith:

  • Smitty
  • Mitt

Popularity of the name Smith:

According to the Social Security Administration index, Smith was the 1,324th most popular baby name for boys in 2021.

Related names for the name Smith:

Great middle names for Smith and their meanings:

  • Adiel (righteous, fair, ornament of God)
  • Brandt (sword, torch, beacon)
  • Cairo (conquering, victorious)
  • Camden (enclosed vale, winding valley)
  • Denzel (high stronghold, fertile land)
  • Gunnar (fighter, soldier, warrior)
  • Holden (deep valley)
  • Kellen (swamp, slender, bright-haired)
  • Lucas (bringer of light)
  • Maxim (the greatest)
  • Randall (wolf shield)
  • Timothy (honoring God)

Famous people with the name Smith:

  • Smith Dykins Atkins (brigadier general)
  • Smith Wildman Brookhart (politician)
  • Smith Van Buren (son of President Martin Van Buren))
  • Smith Stewart Hart (professional wrestler)
  • Smith Ely Jelliffe (neurologist)
  • Smith Edward Lane (park commissioner)
  • Smith Asa Nickerson (merchant seaman)
  • Smith Newell Penfield (composer)
  • Smith Mead Weed (politician)
  • Smith Wigglesworth (evangelist)

Smith in popular culture:

  • Smith Jerrod (main character in the sixth season of the Sex and the City series)
  • Smith Price (character in the Royals series by Geneva Lee)
  • Smith Vance (character in the After series by Anna Todd)
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