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Scott is a classic English baby boy's name that means “from Scotland”. Scott reigned supreme in the top 100 boy’s names between 1949 and 1995 but stands at #563 as of 2020. Scott is still a great choice with many famous namesakes like F. Scott Fitzgerald and Scott Summers.

Meaning of the name Scott:

English: from Scotland, speaks Scottish Gaelic

Origin of the name Scott:

Scott is an English name that means “from Scotland’. The name was originally a nickname or a surname before becoming common as a given name. The name could also refer to someone that spoke Scottish Gaelic.

Symbolism of the name Scott:

Scotland is a country to the north of England that is now part of the United Kingdoms. The Scottish highlands are renowned for their beauty and the people are proud of their heritage.

Baby name Scott

Style of the name Scott:


Gender of the name Scott:

Scott is a boy's name.

Pronunciation of the name Scott:

SKAHT (American English), SKAWT (British English)

Number of syllables in the name Scott:


Emotion evoked from the name Scott:

Scott evokes feelings of competency and leadership.

Alternative spellings for the name Scott:

Scot, Skott

Nicknames for the name Scott:

  • Scottie

Popularity of the name Scott:

According to the Social Security Administration, Scott has remained popular since 1900. Scott was in the top 100 names between 1949 and 1995 and has fallen in popularity since then.

Related names for the name Scott:

Great middle names for the name Scott and their meanings:

Famous people with the name Scott:

  • F. Scott Fitzgerald (American novelist
  • Scott Joplin (American ragtime composer)
  • Scott Menville (American actor and voice actor)
  • Scott Caan (American actor)
  • Scott Stewart Bakula (American actor)

Scotts in popular culture:

  • Scott “Cyclops” Summers (X-men franchise)
  • Scott Calvin (film, The Santa Clause movies)
  • Scott McCall (television, “Teen Wolf”)
  • Scott Evil (film, Austin Powers series)
  • Scott Bernard (television, “Robotech”)
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