If you're looking for a spirited moniker for your daughter, explore this list of Gaelic baby names for girls. From Skye to Sinead to Maeve, there are plenty of endearing options that you can bestow upon your little one that will ensure she loves her name for a lifetime. Take a look!

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  • Aisling Aisling is a Gaelic girl name that means “dream” or “vision.” It also refers to a genre of poetry from Ireland in the late 17th and early 18th centuries.
  • Roisin Roisin is a beautiful Gaelic girl name. It means “little rose,” and it can be a nice alternative to the usual Rose, Rosalie or Rosalyn. It's pronounced ro-SHEEN.
  • SineadSinead is a Gaelic girl name. Made popular by a folk singer in the 1990s, it can actually be traced back centuries.
  • Niamh Niamh is a Gaelic girl name that comes from Irish mythology. She was a goddess who appeared from the sea on a white horse, which is probably why her name means “beauty,” “shine” and “radiance.”
  • Mairead Mairead is a Gaelic girl's name that dates back to the 14th century. It was the Irish form of Margaret.
  • Aoife Aoife is a unique Gaelic girl name. The “aoi” is pronounced like “ee” while the “fe” is pronounced like “fee,” so all together, the name sounds like EE-fee.
  • SkyeSkye is a Gaelic girl name that comes from a destination: the wondrous Isle of Skye. You can find it in Scotland.
  • Etain Etain is an old Gaelic girl name that's still popular today thanks to Irish folklore. It's pronounced eh-TANE.
  • BonnieBonnie is a cute and playful Gaelic girl name. It's the Scottish word for “pretty” or “lovely,” and in addition to being used as a name, it often serves as an adjective for young women. Think “bonnie lass.”
  • Saoirse Saoirse is a Gaelic girl name with strong ties to the Irish independence movement. It's fitting, then, that it means “freedom” or “liberty.”
  • Orlaith Orlaith is a Gaelic girl name with roots in Ireland. It means “golden princess,” so it'll be well suited for your own princess.
  • IslaIsland is a Gaelic girl's name that literally translates to “island.” It comes from the Island of Islay off the west coast of Scotland.
  • MairaMaira is a Gaelic girl name of Irish ancestry. It's their version of Mary or Maria.
  • Aoibheann Aoibheann is a gorgeous Gaelic name for girls. It's pronounced EE-veen, and a popular diminutive for the name is Aoife or EE-fee.
  • Sorcha Sorcha is a Gaelic girl name with roots in both Ireland and Scotland. As you might have guessed from the name, it means “bright” or “fire.”
  • CiaraCiara is a Gaelic girl name that will be perfect for brunettes since it means “little dark one.” Some people spell it Kiera to ensure that the letter C gets pronounced properly.
  • Dubheasa Dubheasa is a Gaelic girl name with a gorgeous meaning: “dark waterfall.” It's also quite rare and exotic even among Gaelic speakers.
  • MaeveMaeve is a Gaelic girl's name with mythological roots. The original bearer of the name was a warrior goddess.
  • Aine Aine is a Gaelic girl name that comes from a Celtic goddess of summer. It's pronounced AWN-yah and can also be spelled Anya.
  • CaitlinCaitlin is a Gaelic girl's name that has gone through many changes over the years. Originally fashioned after Catherine, it's also been Caitriona and Catelyn.
  • Ailsa – Aisla is a Gaelic girl name that will be perfect for Frozen fans. It's the Scottish version of Elsa.
  • Siobhan Siobhan is an old Gaelic name for girls. It means “God is gracious” is often considered a Celtic alternative to Joan or Jane.
  • BridgetteBridgette is a classic Gaelic girl name. Many variations in spelling have developed over the years, including Bridget, Brigit, Bridgett and more.
  • Deirdre Deirdre is a Gaelic girl name of Irish origin. It was extremely popular in the '50s and '60s, so it could be a nostalgic throwback name for a baby girl today.
  • Caoimhe Caoimhe is an utterly unique Gaelic name for girls. Though extremely popular in Ireland, it's virtually unheard of everywhere else, so it'll be a way for your daughter to stand out from the crowd.

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