From Alberta, which means “bright and intelligent,” to Monique, which means “wise counsel” and so many other beautiful options, these girl names that mean smart are unique and feminine. Explore the names and find the ideal moniker for your daughter.

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  • Abbey Abbey (also spelled Abby) is a female name of Hebrew origin. Derived from Abigal, it symbolizes ‘beauty and intelligence.'
  • Alberta Alberta is the feminine form of Albert. This preppy English name means ‘bright and intelligent.'
  • Aqila Aqila is an undeniably cute name for a smart little girl. It is of Arabic origin and describes a ‘logical and intelligent person.' A few parents prefer the alternate spelling Akilah.
  • Bertha Until the 1930s, Bertha was one of the most desired names in the United States. It has English and German roots and symbolizes ‘intelligence.'
  • Chalondra If you're looking for a stylish moniker for a savvy female, Chalondra may provide the solution. This African moniker refers to a ‘smart woman.'
  • Huberta Huberta is an intelligent choice. The name originates from Germany and refers to a ‘brilliant mind.'
  • Labiba Originating from Arabic and African languages, Labiba means ‘intelligent.' It is a favored feminine moniker in Muslim communities.
  • Michiko Michiko is a girl's name of Japanese origin. It means ‘beautiful intellect' or ‘child full of wisdom.' It's also the moniker of the first commoner to wear a crown as the Empress of Japan.
  • Minda Minda means ‘incredible knowledge.' The feminine Indian name originates from Sanskrit.
  • MinervaMany names from Roman mythology sound philosophical, and Minerva is no exception. Legend describes Minerva as the ‘goddess of wisdom.'
  • MoniqueThe French version of Monica, Monique means ‘advisor' or ‘wise counsel.' Several famous people bear this name, including actress Adrienne Monique Coleman, known professionally as Monique Coleman.
  • Najiba Najiba is a female name with a double meaning. It has Arabic and African roots and means ‘excellent and intelligent.' Najeeba is an alternate spelling of this moniker.
  • PrudencePrudence has roots in several languages. The Latin interpretation means ‘shrewd,' indicating you're going to have one smart cookie on your hands.
  • Saffi Saffi carries an effortless sophistication. It is the Greek version of Sophie, meaning ‘wise.'
  • Salvia Salvia has French, Italian, and Spanish origins. This cross-cultural moniker also has Irish, English, and Scandinavian influences. It represents an herb (sage) and refers to someone who is ‘wise.' Still, it sits a tad too close to saliva.
  • Sonia A variant of Sonya, this savvy feminine name means ‘wisdom.' It has Scandinavian, Ukrainian, and Russian roots. The name is also said to have Italian and Spanish influences.
  • Sorcha Sorcha is a popular Irish name, meaning ‘intelligent.' You pronounce this moniker sor-ca.
  • Toshiko Toshiko is a feminine moniker, meaning ‘clever child.' It comes from the Japanese words toshi (quick, clever, sharp) and ko (child).
  • Tomoyo Tomoyo is a female Japanese name, meaning ‘smart.’ Businesswoman Tomoya Nonaka carries this name.
  • Ulima Pronounced oo-LEE-mah, this female moniker means ‘astute.' The name is of Sanskrit origin.
  • VedaVeda is s clever Indian name given to females. It means ‘wise.'
  • Zakiya The name Zakiya has Arabic and Hebrew origins. It means ‘pure' and ‘intelligent.'

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