They say knowledge is power, so give your child one of these baby names that mean knowledge, and they will have a powerful foundation from day one. Names like Beren, Sage, Athena and Sophia are just a few of the unique options on this list. Keep reading to find even more.

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  • Beren This Turkish title is bestowed upon both boys and girls. In the Middle-Eastern tongue, Beren represents intelligence and strength.
  • Hikmat Hikmat is a unisex moniker. When interpreted from Arabic, the honorific pays tribute to wise or knowledgeable persons.
  • Hildred The language origins of this gender-neutral denomination are Old English. When interpreted from the passe tongue, Hildred celebrates wise counselors. Alternatively, the name means strength.
  • Wisdom Though relatively rare, Wisdom is a designation given to newborn males and females. In English, the offering is a variation of the word wise.
  • Sage Parents yearning to honor newborn children with a name recognizing knowledge might title said youngsters Sage. Its language roots are English and salutes wise individuals. A noted current holder is sports journalist Sage Steele.
  • RamiroPersons of Spanish or Portuguese ancestry might label newborn males Ramiro. In those European tongues, the moniker honors knowledgeable advisors. A well-known bearer is former Major League pitcher Ramiro Mendoza.
  • SophiaThis time-honored and popular feminine name’s history dates back to ancient Greece. In Greek, Sophia represents wisdom. Moreover, its first holder was said to be a mythical saint. A famous possessor is legendary actress Sophia Loren. In addition, the name can be spelled using different letter combinations.
  • Hardmod Individuals of German heritage may opt to title newborn boys Hardmod. In the language spoken by most German and Austrian citizens, the designation honors those with brave minds. However, language historians argue that the offering also means strong spirit.
  • Pratibha Pratibha is a girl’s name popular in India. Specifically, the name is said to have originated in the nation’s Hindi and Marathi dialects. Historians suggest that the name symbolizes intelligence. Additionally, said professionals maintain that other meanings include light and splendor.
  • Tancred This honorific is given to boys. Its language ancestry is old Norman. In said tongue, Tancred honors wise and thoughtful advisors or counselors.
  • AthenaAthena is a female denomination synonymous with ancient Greece. During said historical era, Athena was her culture’s Goddess of Wisdom and Warfare. Furthermore, she was the namesake for which the modern Greek capital Athens was designated.
  • Daichi Japanese mothers and fathers might choose to name infant males Daichi. In the ancient Asian tongue, the offering represents wisdom and intelligence. Alternatively, the honorific is thought to mean large, great, and earthen.
  • Randi Randi is a feminine title. When interpreted from Norwegian and Danish, it honors knowledgeable advisors and counselors. In addition, the name is said to symbolize beauty.
  • Talib Talib is a denomination handed down to boys. In Arabic, it celebrates those seeking knowledge.
  • Aqila Arabic-conversing Moms and Dads might designate newborn daughters Aqila. In the language spoken by many persons of the Muslim faith, the offering represents wise and intelligent individuals. Moreover, it is the female variant of the male moniker Aqil.
  • Bilguun This male title is popular in Mongolia. In Mongolian, Bilguun salutes wise and knowledgeable subjects.
  • Gouyen Gouyen is a feminine label usually bestowed by members of the Apache Native-American tribe. In the Apache tongue, the honorific means knowledgeable.
  • Manish Indian parents might favor Manish as a title for newborn males. In several of the nation’s dialects, it honors attributes such as thought, knowledge, and wisdom.
  • Oyuunchimeg Oyuunchimeg is a Mongolian designation. In said tongue, the feminine name symbolizes wisdom.
  • Tammaro Those born in Italy or fond of said country’s culture might label infant sons Tammaro. In Italian, the honorific celebrates thought. A famous namesake is a fifth century Catholic saint.
  • Vivi This Scandinavian moniker is awarded to girls. When interpreted from languages such as Swedish, Norwegian, and Danish, Vivi recognizes wisdom.
  • Yeong-Cheol Korea contributed the masculine name Yeong-Cheol to the world’s pool of monikers. In the Asian tongue, the offering salutes perpetually sage and knowledgeable persons.
  • Basira Basira is a common female title in the Arabic-speaking world. In the widely spoken Middle-Eastern language, the label means wise.
  • ConradThe male designation Conrad first came into being when ancient German was a common form of communication. In Germanic tongues, the powerful denomination honors brave and knowledgeable counselors.
  • Dagrun Individuals possessing Norwegian heritage might choose Dagrun as an appropriate name for newborn daughters. In the northern European language, Dagrun honors those holding secret knowledge or intelligence.

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