From Walter to Peyton to Liam and beyond, this list of boy names that mean fighter is filled with a healthy selection of masculine options. Peruse the list and make a selection that best suits the hopes and dreams you have for your little fighter!

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  • WalterWalter is a popular and powerful male name. Its roots are German and recognizes army rulers.
  • Patton This is an old English title bestowed upon boys. Speakers of said tongue know that the moniker is interpreted to mean fighter’s town. One current noted bearer is actor Patton Oswalt.
  • Murphy Murphy’s origins can be traced back to Irish dialects. The masculine designation honors sea warriors. Moreover, it is a very common surname.
  • MarcusThough common amongst many ethnic groups, the roots of the male title Marcus are Latin. It means warlike.
  • Gunther Gunther is a classic and strong German boy’s name. The honorific celebrates battle warriors and holds several acceptable spellings.
  • AnselAnsel is a boy’s name. It holds Hebrew roots. In English, the denomination salutes protectors. The late American photographer Ansel Adams is one of the title’s more famous owners.
  • DuncanThose with Scottish ancestry might designate infant sons Duncan. The honorific recognizes dark warriors.
  • DustinIndividuals fond of the fighting spirit may name newborn boys Dustin. In German, the title means fighter. Two famous bearers are the late actor Dustin Diamond and legendary Academy Award winner Dustin Hoffman.
  • KaneWelsh families might favor Kane as a strong denomination for infant males. It celebrates warriors.
  • LewisLewis’s ancestry is English. The male denomination honors the legacy of renowned warriors.
  • MiloThis popular masculine moniker holds German origins. When translated from said tongue, the designation salutes soldiers.
  • PeytonThough well-known in the English-speaking world, Peyton’s history started in Germany. In German, the title is interpreted to the phrase fighting man’s estate. Arguably, its most celebrated bearer is former National Football League superstar Peyton Manning.
  • LiamLiam is a common Irish title. In Irish dialects, the honorific recognizes strong-willed fighters. A noted current holder is actor Liam Neeson.
  • TroyThe moniker Troy’s heritage is Irish. The masculine title translates to the expression descendant of a foot soldier. A noted bearer is former football star Troy Aikman.
  • ArmandoThe masculine moniker Armando has gained tremendous popularity in Spanish-speaking nations. That said, it first began taking hold in France. When interpreted from French, the designation honors soldiers.
  • Bade Bade is a boy’s name. In German, it means battle.
  • Ragnar This boy’s title is historic and common Norwegian honorific. Native speakers know the denomination celebrates warriors.
  • Umberto Mothers and fathers of Italian heritage may title newborn male children Umberto. In English, the moniker describes bright warriors.
  • WyattOld English is credited for holding the linguistic roots of the male denomination Wyatt. The name celebrates little warriors. Arguably, its most famous possessor is famed but late American lawman Wyatt Earp.
  • Mordecai Hebrew-conversing parents might name newborn boys Mordecai. The moniker commemorates warriors and a prominent biblical figure. The title can be spelled several different ways.
  • Luther Luther is a masculine German honorific. In English, the denomination means warrior. Several famous people have held the moniker as a first and surname.
  • Kaiden Kaiden's origins are American. Additionally, the male honorific means fighter.
  • HermanThe German title Herman is a common male designation. This title honors warriors and soldiers.
  • GunnarNorwegian mothers and fathers or individuals fond of Norse mythology might name a newborn son Gunnar. In said sagas, the name honored war.
  • GideonProud Hebrew-conversing or religious subjects might title infant sons Gideon. The moniker recognizes a powerful biblical figure and celebrates mighty warriors.

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