From more common names like Lars and Nils to more exotic options like Loke and Ragnar, this list of Swedish baby names for boys is filled with an impressive selection of masculine names. Peruse the list and find the ideal moniker for your baby boys!

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  • EliasPious Swedish individuals might name newborn boys Elias. In said language, the title translates to the phrase The Lord is My God. Language experts maintain that Elias is a variant of the Hebrew and biblical honorific Elijah.
  • Ludwig Ludwig is a common Swedish boy's name. Interpreted from Swedish, the title connotes a famous warrior and recognizes one holding power. The honorific may also be spelled Ludwig.
  • Nils This masculine title is bestowed upon Swedish boys. In said tongue, the moniker translates to victory of the people. Additionally, Nils is a diminutive of the Greek designation Nichoalas. One its more famed possessors is Swedish painter Nils Blommer.
  • Oskar Oskar is a popular honorific given to Swedish sons. The title is a combination of Os, meaning deer and Kar, which translates to friend. Together Oskar equates to deer or animal friend. In recent times, the moniker has gained significant favor outside Sweden.
  • StefanMany Swedish parents title newborn boys with the ever-popular Stefan. This denomination recognizes wealth and is a variation of its American cousin Stephen.
  • LarsLars is a classic Swedish boy's name. It celebrates victory.
  • AlfredThough sometimes overlooked as such, Alfred is a powerful Swedish name given to boys. The designation honors wise men.
  • GunnarDerived from the old Norse language, Gunnar is an increasingly popular Swedish boy's title. The honorific translates to warrior.
  • Ivar Individuals of Swedish descent might name newborn sons Ivar. Language historians suggest that the name means archer or little warrior. Moreover, said professionals argue that the moniker is a variation of the Russian designation Ivan.
  • Mats Mats is a quite common title awarded to Swedish sons. A derivative of the biblical denomination Matthew, Mats means gift of God.
  • CasperNew Swedish mothers and fathers might opt to name newborn boys Casper. The designation translates to treasure and has grown in popularity outside Sweden in modern times.
  • Fredrik Fredrik is a classic, masculine Swedish title. It means peaceful and kind. In addition, the name carries multiple acceptable spellings.
  • ThorThis powerful and popular Swedish boy's name traces its roots back to Norse mythology. Thor, the Norse God of Thunder was a prominent figure is said epics. Moreover, the honorific has gained widespread popularity following the success of motion pictures focusing on Thor and starring noted actor Chris Hemsworth.
  • Viggo Persons possessing Swedish backgrounds might name newborn sons Viggo. It means fighter. One of its more famous holders is critically acclaimed Danish-American actor Viggo Mortensen.
  • Gerhart Gerhart is growing more common as a name for Swedish boys. The designation translates to the phrase brave in battle.
  • Olaf This historic and classic title is bestowed upon Swedish boys. It recognizes ancestors or descendants. Moreover, the honorific is sometimes spelled Olav.
  • Sten Sons born to Swedish families might be named Sten. The moniker connotes stone and strength.
  • LeifLeif is a time-tested and historical masculine Swedish title. Translated from said tongue, it means heir or descendant.
  • Ulrik This male moniker if often given to Swedish newborns. When interpreted from Swedish, it means ruler of all. Additionally, the title can also be spelled several different ways.
  • AndersAnders is a popular Swedish boy's name. The designation celebrates manliness. One of its most noted current holders in hockey star and New York Islanders captain Anders Lee.
  • Ville Sons and daughters of Sweden might choose to honor a newborn son with the denomination Ville. This moniker recognizes persons displaying strong-mindedness. Furthermore, it is a derivative of the English classic William.
  • Klas This Swedish moniker is awarded to Swedish sons. The name translates to the phrase triumph of the people. Klas is the Swedish diminutive of the German designation Klaus.
  • Ragnar Ragnar is a classic Swedish name given to newborn boys. It means strength.
  • Balder Individuals born in Sweden may designate newborn sons Balder. The title denotes light. Several different spellings of the denomination are accepted.
  • Loke Loke is an increasing common Swedish boy's name. In Norse mythology, Loke was known as the trickster God who often served as Thor's foil. Many credit the moniker's newfound popularity with the Thor movies and the portrayal of said character by English actor Tom Hiddleston.

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