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Leif is absolutely a name that is connected with specific cultures. More popular in Scandinavia than in North America, it has still managed to become a popular name in the English-speaking world. Read on to learn more about this name.

Meaning of the name Leif:

Old Norse: descendant

Origin of the name Leif:

Leif is a name of Old Norse origin that means “descendant” or “heir”.

Symbolism of the name Leif:

Leif tends to symbolize a connection to a home culture; given the roots of the name, it is a good way to show where a child comes from.

Style of the name Leif:


Gender of the name Leif:

Leif is almost exclusively given as a name to boys.

Pronunciation of the name Leif:


Number of syllables in the name Leif:


Emotion evoked from the name Leif:

Leif tends to evoke both emotions surrounding nostalgia and those concerning strength and manliness.

Alternative spellings for the name Leif:

  • Leaf
  • Leife

Nicknames for the name Leif:

Popularity of the name Leif:

According to the Social Security Administration, Leif last ranked on the list of the most popular baby names in the United States in 2021 as the 992nd most popular name for baby boys. It peaked in popularity in 1970 as the 655th most popular name for baby boys.

Related names for the name Leif:

Great middle names for Leif and their meanings:

  • Broderick (brother)
  • Dagny (day)
  • Davin (bright finn)
  • Elif (immortal)
  • Eric (ever-powerful)
  • Eyulf (lucky wolf)
  • Frederick (peaceful ruler)
  • Ryden (horseman)

Famous people with the name Leif:

  • Leif Erikson (famous Scandinavian explorer)
  • Leif Garret (American singer and actor)
  • Leif Cassidy (American pro wrestler)
  • Leif Riddel (American actor)

Leifs in popular culture:

  • Leif (character from the cartoon Amphibia)
  • Leif the Lucky (character from the film Erik the Viking)
  • Leif (character from the Fire Emblem video game series)
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