For a robust and tradition-filled moniker for your son, check out this list of Norse baby names for boys. From Dag to Bjorn to Olle, there are plenty of handsome and masculine options you'll love. Take a look!

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  • Ake Ake (pronounced AH-keh) is an Old Norse and Swedish name meaning “forbear”.
  • ArvidArvid is an Old Norse and Swedish name that means “tree of the eagle”. It is pronounced AHR-vid.
  • Asmund Asmund (pronounced AHS-moont) is an Old Norse, Danish, and Norwegian name. It means “divine protection”. This is the Danish and Norwegian variant of the name Osmond. Osmond is actually an English name that is derived from the Old Norse Asmundr, a combination of the words “as” (meaning “god”) and “mund” (meaning “protection”).
  • Balder In Norse mythology, Balder was the god of spring and light (as spring is signified by an increase in light). This name literally means “bringer of light” and is pronounced BAHL-dər. It can also be spelled Baldur and was popularized in the Baldur's Gate PC games.
  • Bjarke Pronounced BYAHR-ke, this name is a Danish diminutive of the name Bjorn. Bjorn originates within Old Norse and is taken from the word meaning “bear”. Even in its native Scandinavia, Bjarke is a rather uncommon choice for a baby name.
  • BjornBjorn (pronounced BYAWRN) means “bear”. It is used as a Scandinavian male given name and is more popularly used than Bjarke.
  • BrantBrant was originally use solely as a surname in the Old Norse and Germanic languages. However, it is now also used as a male given name. It means “sword”.
  • CalderPronounced KAHL-der, the name Calder is most often seen as a surname, popularized by the 20th century artist Alexander Calder. This name is taken from Old Norse and Gaelic, meaning “harsh and cold waters”.
  • Dag Dag (pronounced DAHG) has its roots in Danish, Norwegian, Old Norse, and Swedish. This male given name simply means “day”.
  • Einar Einar (IE-nahr) is a name that has recently been popularized by the rapper Einar (born Nils Kurt Erik Einar Grönberg), who was gunned down at age 19 in 2021. This tragic-but-beautiful male name means “one who fights alone” in Danish, Norwegian, Old Norse, and Swedish.
  • Even A variation of the Hebrew name Eben, Even (EV-ən) means “lucky” or “happy”. It is a masculine name in either language.
  • Folke In Danish, Norwegian, Old Norse, and Swedish, Folke (FAWL-keh) means “from the people”. It is fairly common as a male name in Scandinavia these days but is exceedingly rare in the United States.
  • Gulbrand Pronounced GOOL-brant, Gulbrand is a spelling variant of Gudbrand. This name originates in Old Norse, and it means “sword of the divine”.
  • Haldor Haldor (HAHL-dawr) is a combination of the Norse words “hallr” (which means “rock”) and “Thor”, the god of thunder in Norse mythology. Therefore, it combines to mean “rock of Thor”.
  • Hjalmar – Fans of the Witcher video games will recognize this name from the character Hjalmar an Craite. Hjalmar (pronounced HYAL-mahr) originates in Old Norse and means “fighter with a helmet”.
  • Jarle – Jarle (YAHR-le) is a Danish and Norwegian variant of the male given name Jarl. Jarl originates in Old Norse and means “nobleman”. Jarl characters have been popularized by videogames like Witcher and Skyrim.
  • Langley Langley (LANG-lee) is an Anglo-Saxon name that has been derived from the Old Norse feminine name Langlif, which means ‘long life'. Langley, however, is almost strictly used for males or as a surname.
  • OdinIn Norse mythology, Odin is the chief god, presiding over wisdom, war, and death. This name translates to both “inspiration” and “fury” – a very accurate way to sum up the god Odin and perhaps also your child!
  • Olle In Swedish, Olle (AWL-leh) is a diminutive for Olaf. Olaf is a name taken from the Old Norse name Anleifr, which means “descendant”.
  • RoscoePronounced RAHS-ko, this Old Norse name means “rom near a roe buck forest”.
  • Sven – Popularized in the US since the Disney movie Frozen was released, Sven has long been a popular name in Nordic countries. It means “boy”.
  • Thorvaldr Taken from the Old Norse words “Thor” (the Norse god of thunder) and “valdr” (which means “rule”), this name means “the rule of Thor”.
  • Tore Pronounced TAW-re, Tore is a male name that means “fighter of Thor”.
  • Vali Vali (VAH-lee) is a Romanian diminutive of Valerian, which, in as the Latin Valerius, means “powerful” or “strong”. It is also linked to Old Norse origins.
  • Viggo – Popularized by Lord of the Rings actor Viggo Mortensen, this name means “battle” – a suiting name for your little fighter.

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