From Astrid to Kari to Freja, this delightful list of Norse baby names for girls is filled with a variety of authentic Norse names. Peruse the list and explore the meanings of each name, and then make a selection that perfectly suits your daughter.

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  • AstridAstrid is a female name that is pronounced AS-trid. It is of Old Norse origin, meaning “fair, beautiful goddess”.
  • Bodil Pronounced BAW-dil, this feminine name can be found in Danish, Norwegian, Old Norse, and Swedish. It means “battle will cure”.
  • Dagmar Chiefly popular in Czech, German, and Scandinavian languages, Dagmar (DAHK-mahr) means “maid of the day” in Old Norse.
  • Dagny Originating in Old Norse, Dagny (DAG-nee) means “a new day started”.
  • Eerika Eerika is the Finnish version of Erica. Originating in Old Norse, it means “ruling forever”. Also, it serves as the Latin name of a flowering plant of heathers.
  • Eira Pronounced EY-rah, Eira is derived from the name of the Norse god for health and medicine, Eir. It means “merciful”.
  • Embla In Old Norse, Embla means “elm tree”. It is pronounced EHM-bla.
  • Eydis In Norse mythology, Eydis (IE-dis) is the goddess of good luck.
  • Freja Meaning “like a lady”, Freja (FRAY-ah) is also linked to Freya, the Norse goddess of love, beauty, fertility, sex, war, gold and seior.
  • Garda Garda is a feminine name rooted in Old Norse origin meaning “shelter”.
  • Gerd Gerd is a Danish and Old Norse name meaning “enclosed”.
  • Gyda Gyda (GEE-da) is a Danish derivative of the Old Norse Gytha, which means “God is gorgeous”.
  • Helka Helka is a Finnish form of Helga, which originates in Old Norse language and means “divine woman”.
  • Idonia Idonia is derived from the Old Norse name Iduna. It means “loving one”.
  • Iona Iona (ie-ON-ə) is a derivative of a tiny island off the coast of western coast of Scotland and has a few US towns with the same name. Rooted in Old Norse, it means “born on an island”.
  • KariKari (KAHR-ee) is an Old Norse name meaning “pure”. It is a variant of Katherine.
  • Laufeia In Norse mythology, Laufeia is mother of Loki, god of mischief. The name means “wooded or leafy island”.
  • Magnhild Magnhild (MAH-hilt) originates in Old Norse and means “powerful in battle”.
  • Olla A variant of the Old Norse name Ola, Olla means “ancestor's relic”.
  • Ragna Ragna (RAHG-na) comes from Old Norse and means “giving advice”.
  • Runa – Runa (ROO-na) means “secret tradition” in Old Norse.
  • SiriPopularized by Apple as an aid to help you use iPhone functions, in Old Norse, Siri means “marvelous victory”.
  • Thora – As a feminine form of Thor, Thora means “like thunder” or “like Thor”. It was popularized in the US by Hocus Pocus star Thora Birch.
  • Thyra Thyra (TEE-ra) is a feminine version of Thor and means “like Thunder” in Old Norse.
  • Ylva – Ylva (EEL-va) is Old Norse for “female wolf”.

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