From Klara to Britt to Halda, this list of Scandinavian baby names is filled with a wide variety of options for both boys and girls. Study the meaning of each of these beautiful names to find a wonderful option for your child.

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  • Astor Astor is a predatory Scandinavian boy's name. It means “prey-seeker.”
  • Borge Borge is a handy Scandinavian name for boys if nothing else seems to fit. The name itself means “glad helper.” Borgny is one popular alternate way of spelling this name.
  • Britt/Britta Britt and Britta are the masculine and feminine versions of the same mighty Scandinavian name. Although these are two names, they both mean “strong one.”
  • Burr Burr is a pretty Scandinavian boy's name. It means “beautiful youth.”
  • Dain Dain is a regional Scandinavian name for lads. It means “Danish.”
  • Edzard Edzard is a cutting Scandinavian name for any boy. It means “strong edge.”
  • Eric/Erica Eric and Erica are the masculine and feminine versions of one leading Scandinavian name. Regardless of gender, this name means “enduring ruler.” Other spellings include Erick, Erik, Erika and Erikka.
  • Erle Erle is a Scandinavian boy's name of influence. This name means various words all connected to leadership and nobility and may even be where the title of “earl” comes from.
  • Erleen Erleen is the feminine version of the Scandinavian child's name Erle. As such, it means “noblewoman.” This name can also be spelled as Erlene.
  • Gerd Gerd is a foundational Scandinavian girl's name. It refers to a plot of land used to start a garden.
  • Gersemi Gersemi is a treasured girl's name of Scandinavian origin. It means “gem” or “jewel.”
  • Halda Halda is a mixed Scandinavian girl's name. It means “half-Danish.”
  • Karalee Karalee is an untarnished girl's name from Scandinavia. It means “genuine.” Karalie is another accepted spelling.
  • Klara Klara is a shining example of a Scandinavian girl's name. It means “clear and bright” and might be a localized version of the name Clara or Clara may be localized from this name.
  • Laris Laris is a rare and florid unisex child's name of Scandinavian origin. It means “to be crowned with laurel,” meaning that the child is a winner and comes in first place in your heart.
  • Lullede Lullede is a mythic boy's name from Scandinavia. It means “legendary warrior.”
  • Lynnea Lynnea is a flowery Scandinavian girl's name. It comes from a flower that is also known as “linden tree” or “twinflower.”
  • Norell Norell is a Scandinavian name for girls with direction in life. It means “northerner.”
  • Paley Paley is another rare instance of a unisex child's name from the Scandinavian countries. It means “one with pale eyes” and could be given to any child who was either born blind or whose eyes are otherwise rather odd.
  • Raulin Raulin is a descriptive little boy's name from Scandinavia. It means “little wise wolf.” While commonly seen as a surname, it occasionally shows up as a given name too.
  • Raum Raum is a little Scandinavian for ponderous boys. The name means “big.”
  • Somerild/Somerled Somerild and Somerled are the feminine and masculine versions of the same Scandinavian child's name. Regardless of the spelling, this name means “summer traveler” and would be perfect for any child born during the summer months.
  • Stofn Stofn is an momentous Scandinavian name to give a boy. It means “to be crowned,” making a name like Prince suitable as a middle name.
  • Svea Svea is a very ethnically-minded Scandinavian girl's name. The name literally means “Swedish girl.”
  • Thorsten Thorsten is a great Scandinavian name to give a boy who might love rock and roll music. The name itself means “Thor's stone;” stones are rocks and thunder is known to roll. Another acceptable spelling would be Torsten.

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