Swedish baby names for girls run the gamut — from playful options like Alice to more classic names like Astrid. Explore the names and meanings of each and find the ideal name for your daughter!

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  • AstridThis is a common title bestowed upon infant Swedish girls. The moniker is said to carry multiple meanings, such as beautiful and peace.
  • Kerstin Faithful Swedish mothers and fathers often designate newborn daughters Kerstin. This denominations translates to Christian or a woman devoted to God.
  • Solveig Solveig is a Swedish girl's title. It is interpreted to mean daughter of the sun.
  • Gota This old-fashioned honorific is given to Swedish girls. Gota recognizes strength and power.
  • Lotta Subjects born to Swedish ancestry may designate a newborn daughter Lotta. The title celebrates freedom and is an abridged version of the common western European title Charlotte.
  • Ingeborg Ingeborg is a classic, feminine Swedish title. It holds multiple meanings including fertility and blessings.
  • Saga Those deeply rooted in Swedish or Scandinavian culture might title baby girls Saga. The moniker honors the mythological Goddess of the same name who possessed the capacity to see everything.
  • Amalia Those fond of Swedish culture may name their daughters Amalia. It means active and has been adopted by numerous other nations and ethnic backgrounds.
  • Agnes Agnes is a classic but still popular Swedish feminine title. The denomination recognizes purity and sacredness.
  • Klara This is a common title awarded to Swedish girls. Klara means clear and bright. The moniker is also a derivative of the English denomination Claire.
  • Freja Scandinavian moms and dads might honor Swedish girls with the name Freja. Pronounced Free-yah, the title celebrates nobility or royal lineage.
  • Jolanda Jolanda is a Swedish girl's name. It means violet or flower and is pronounced Yo-land-uh.
  • Anneli Parents of Swedish infant girls may designate said children Anneli. The honorific connotes grace and is the Swedish variant of the universal feminine moniker Anna.
  • Sigrid Sigrid is an increasingly common girl's title in Sweden. The designation carries multiple meanings including wisdom and victory.
  • CeciliaThe name Cecilia carries a special place in the hearts of many Swedes. It honors a blind saint and gifted musician who was later named Sweden's Patron Saint of Music.
  • Eleonora This feminine title is bestowed upon Swedish girls. It means illumination.
  • Kajsa Kajsa is a title some Swedish parents might hand down to newborn daughters. In said tongue, the moniker means pure.
  • AliceSubjects holding Swedish ancestry might name infant girls Alice. This designation is translated to mean noble individual.
  • WilmaWilma is a popular girl's name in Sweden. It means protection.
  • ElsaThis classic feminine name is quite common in Swedish circles. Elsa translates to the phrase pledged to God and is a diminutive of the English title Elizabeth.
  • OliviaThe name Olivia is commonly bestowed upon newborn Swedish daughters. It connotes both peace and fertility.
  • EvaEva is a well-known Swedish girl's name. It means life and is a variation of the biblical honorific Eve.
  • MariaThis powerful and sacred girl's name is common in Sweden. In said tongue, the moniker translates to rebellious. However, it is also a derivative of Mary, the Mother of God.
  • Karin Karin is a popular feminine title in Sweden. It translates to the phrase the pure one and has several acceptable spellings.
  • LenaSwedish parents might designate newborn girls Lena. The title is said to mean ray of light and is the Swedish variation of Helen.

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