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The name Maria is a classic name. It's been used in various countries not only as a beautiful first name but also as a fantastic middle name. Maria is derived from the Hebrew name Miriam. While the preferred name in many European countries, Maria was less common than the name Mary in English-speaking countries until the early 00s when it finally surpassed it. Keep reading to learn more about this lovely name.

Meaning and Origin of the name Maria:

Maria is a girl’s name of Aramaic Latin origin, meaning “drop of the sea” or “bitter”. The name is derived from the Hebrew name Miriam and the Egyptian name Mry, meaning “beloved.”

Symbolism of the name Maria:

Maria, as a name, means “drop of the sea” and has been associated with the North Star by seafarers for centuries. This guiding light symbolizes hope.

Nicknames for the name Maria:

Baby girl name meanings - Maria

Style of the name Maria:


Gender of the name Maria:

Maria is a girl's name.

Pronunciation of the name Maria:

mə-REE-ə, ma-RYE-uh (English), ma-REE-a (Italian, German, Dutch, Greek), mu-RYEE-yə (Russian)

Number of syllables in the name Maria:


Emotion evoked from the name Maria:

Maria evokes feelings of refinement and maturity.

Alternative spellings for the name Maria:

Mariya, Mariah, Marja

Popularity of the name Maria:

According to the Social Security Administration, Maria is a consistently popular name for girls. Maria has been in the top 200 baby names since 1900 and in the top 100 from 1942 to 2011.

Great middle names for the name Maria and their meanings:

Famous people with the name Maria:

  • Maria Sotskova (Russian figure skater)
  • Maria Ewing (opera singer)
  • Maria Kirilenko (Russian tennis player)
  • Maria Kanellis (American pro wrestler)
  • Maria “Mia” Farrow (American actress)
  • Maria von Trappmain (film, “The Sound of Music”)
  • Maria Nunez (theater, “West Side Story”)
  • Maria Hill ( Marvel comics)
  • Maria (video game, “Silent Hill 2”)
  • Maria Santos Grey (television, “All My Children”)
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