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From important Biblical figures, like Jesus's mother, to infamous members of royalty, like Mary, Queen of Scots, Mary has been one of the most popular names for baby girls for centuries. For years, it was the top name in the United States. Not only is Mary still beloved today, but many of its nicknames and derivatives are as well.

Meaning and Origin of the Name Mary:

Mary is the English version of the Latin name Maria. Maria was derived from the Greek name Mariam, which came from the Aramaic name Maryam, a variation of the Hebrew name Miryam. In Egyptian, the name means “beloved”. In Hebrew, it means “drop of the sea or bitter”.

Symbolism of the Name Mary:

The name Mary is important to Christians because there are several women with this name in the Bible. The most infamous, however, is probably the Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus.

Nicknames for the Name Mary:

Despite being a shorter name, Mary actually has a lot of nicknames that come from it. Check out the full list here:

Style of the Name Mary:


Gender of the Name Mary:

Mary is a girl's name.

Pronunciation of the Name Mary:


Number of Syllables in the Name Mary:


Emotion Evoked From the Name Mary:

Because of its connection to many biblical figures, queens and characters in pop culture, the name Mary evokes the image of a girl who is good and virtuous.

Alternative Spellings for the Name Mary:

Popularity of the Name Mary:

From 1900 until the 1960s, Mary was either the first or second-most popular baby name in the United States, according to the Social Security Administration. While it has fallen out of favor a bit, it remains fairly popular. As of 2022, it was ranked as the 136th-most popular name for girls.

Great Middle Names for Mary and Their Meanings:

Famous People with the Name Mary:

  • Mary Magdalene (disciple of Jesus)
  • Mary Todd Lincoln (First Lady of the United States)
  • Mary Tyler Moore (actress)
  • Mary Shelley (writer)
  • Mary J. Blige (singer)
  • Mary Steenburgen (actress)
  • Mary “Meryl” Streep (actress)
  • Mary Pickford (actress)
  • Mary Poppins (title character in the movie “Mary Poppins”)
  • Mary Melody (character on the TV series “Tiny Toon Adventures”)
  • Mary Jane Watson (character in the “Sider-Man” comic book series)
  • Mary Bennet (character in the book “Pride and Prejudice”)
  • Mary Lennox (character in the book “The Secret Garden”)
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