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Merri is an English girl’s name meaning “joyous, lighthearted” or “merciful”. It is also an indigenous Australian name meaning “rocky”. Merri was briefly popular mid-century but such a bright, happy name deserves another chance in the spotlight.

Meaning of the name Merri:

English: joyous, light-hearted, merciful
Indigenous Australian: rocky

Origin of the name Merri:

Merri is a baby girl’s name of English and indigenous Australian origin. In English, Merri means “joyous, light-hearted” or “merciful” and is a variant spelling of Merry or a diminutive of Mercy. In indigenous Australian Merri means “rocky”.

Symbolism of the name Merri:

Merri is a bright and joyful name. Some symbols of joy and good will appropriate for the name include the hummingbird, bluebird, chrysanthemums, and daisies.

Style of the name Merri:


Gender of the name Merri:

Merri is a girl's name.

Pronunciation of the name Merri:


Number of syllables in the name Merri:


Emotion evoked from the name Merri:

Merri evokes feelings of joy and compassion.

Alternative spellings for the name Merri:

Merry, Meri

Nicknames for the name Merri:

  • Mer
  • Rie
  • Mercy

Popularity of the name Merri:

According to the Social Security Administration, Merri is a baby girl’s name that was popular from 1954 to 1964. Merri peaked at #835 in 1963.

Related names for the name Merri:

Great middle names for the name Merri and their meanings:

  • Lee (pasture, meadow)
  • Poet (storyteller, writer, poet)
  • Lyra (lyre, harp player)
  • Elayne (bright, shining light)
  • Sylvie (from the forest)
  • Faye (fairy)
  • Simone (hearkening)
  • Sonia (wisdom)
  • Yvonne (yew wood)

Famous people with the name Merri:

  • Merri Dee (American philanthropist)
  • Merri Franquin (French trumpeter)
  • Merri Rose (Australian politician)
  • Khalifa Shaheen Al Merri (United Arab Emirates politician)

Merri in popular culture:

  • Merri Brody (television, “NCIS: NOLA”)
  • Merri King (television, “Stargirl”)
  • Meriadoc Brandybuck (media, The Lord of the Rings series by J. R. R. Tolkien)
  • Merry (video game, “Animal Crossing” series)
  • Merri (video game, “Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga”)