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May is a popular baby name. It originated from the ancient Roman goddess Maia or as a diminutive for Mary or Margaret. As of 2021, May is at number 3,103 for girls.

Meaning and Origin of the Name May:

The baby name May comes from the ancient Roman name Maia. Maia was a Roman goddess who watched over the spring. Other individuals believe that May began as a diminutive of options like Mary or Margaret. In modern times, the name is most closely associated with the month of May. The name can be interpreted to mean “greater, sea of bitterness”, in addition to its connection to the Roman goddess.

Symbolism of the Name May:

The baby name May means “goddess of the springtime” when considering that it comes from Maia, the title for a Roman goddess. Others say that May interprets to “greater” because Maia comes from the Latin word “maior”. Finally, May could mean “sea of bitterness” if considering it as a nickname for Mary or Margaret.

Nicknames for the Name May:

Surprisingly considering how short it is, there are a number of nicknames for May. Many of these nicknames are quite cute! A couple of them connect to May's connection to the Roman goddess of the spring. Take a careful look at this list and pick your favorite:

  • Ma
  • Mama
  • Macie
  • Macy 
  • Mame
  • Mamie
  • Maysie
  • Maisie 
  • Maise
  • Emmie 
  • Maze
  • Mayday
  • Spring
  • Em
  • Flower

Style of the Name May:


Gender of the Name May:

May is a simple name for girls.

Pronunciation of the Name May:


Number of Syllables in the Name May:


Emotion Evoked From the Name May:

May is a common and youthful name for girls. It is a natural and delicate option.

Alternative Spellings for the Name May:

  • Mae 
  • Mai 
  • Maeigh
  • Maie
  • Maee
  • Maiigh

Popularity of the Name May:

May was a top 1,000 name in America until 1982, when it was number 964. The name did best in 1900 when it was at rank 91. As of 2021, May is a top 3,200 name at number 3,103.

Great Middle Names for May and Their Meanings:

Famous People with the Name May:

  • May Smith (great granddaughter of Queen Victoria)
  • May Whitty (actress)
  • May O”Donnell (dancer, choreographer)
  • May Pang (former girlfriend of John Lennon)
  • May Allison (actress)
  • May Britt (actress)
  • May McAvoy (silent film actress)
  • May Parker (character from Spiderman comics)
  • May Welland (character from “The Age of Innocence”)
  • May (character from “Pokemon” series)
  • May Clutterbucket (character from “Girl Meets World”)
  • May Kanker (character from “Ed, Edd, n Eddy”)
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