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May is a popular baby name. It originated from the ancient Roman goddess Maia or as a diminutive for Mary or Margaret. As of 2021, May is at number 3,103 for girls.

Meaning of the name May:

Latin: goddess of the springtime, greater, sea of bitterness

Origin of the name May:

The baby name May comes from the ancient Roman name Maia. Maia was a Roman goddess who watched over the spring. Other individuals believe that May began as a diminutive of options like Mary or Margaret.

Symbolism of the name May:

The baby name May means “goddess of the springtime” when considering that it comes from Maia, the title for a Roman goddess. Others say that May interprets to “greater” because Maia comes from the Latin word “maior.” Finally, May could mean “sea of bitterness” if considering that it is a nickname for Mary or Margaret.

Style of the name May:


Gender of the name May:

May is a simple name for girls.

Pronunciation of the name May:


Number of syllables in the name May:


Emotion evoked from the name May:

May is a common and youthful name for girls. It is a natural and delicate option.

Alternative spellings for the name May:

  • Mae 
  • Mai 
  • Maeigh
  • Maie
  • Maee
  • Maiigh

Nicknames for the name May:

  • Ma
  • Mama
  • Macie
  • Macy 
  • Mame
  • Mamie
  • Maysie

Popularity of the name May:

May was a top 1,000 name in America until 1982 when it was number 964. The name did best in 1900 when it was at rank 91. As of 2021, May is a top 3,200 option at number 3,103.

Related names for the name May:

Great middle names for May and their meanings:

Famous people with the name May:

  • May Smith (great granddaughter of Queen Victoria)
  • May Whitty (actress)
  • May O”Donnell (dancer, choreographer)
  • May Pang (former girlfriend of John Lennon)
  • May Allison (actress)
  • May Britt (actress)
  • May McAvoy (silent film actress)

Mays in popular culture:

  • May Parker (character from Spiderman comics)
  • May Welland (character from “The Age of Innocence”)
  • May (character from “Pokemon” series)
  • May Clutterbucket (character from “Girl Meets World”)
  • May Kanker (character from “Ed, Edd, n Eddy”)
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