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June is a popular name used for girls. It has a certain vintage feel that still follows modern trends, especially when considering it is a top 200 name. Ultimately, however, the name is based on Roman traditions.

Meaning of the name June:

Latin: born in June

Origin of the name June:

The baby name June has Latin origins, and only began as the name for the month that is the same. The month's name came from the Roman goddess Juno. She was a goddess over all of marriage and childbirth in the Roman culture. June has been a girl's name since the 1800s.

Symbolism of the name June:

June means “born in June” as it comes from the name of the month. Again, even the month's name comes from Roman mythology.

Style of the name June:


Gender of the name June:

June is a girl's name.

Pronunciation of the name June:


Number of syllables in the name June:


Emotion evoked from the name June:

June is a wholesome name with a vintage feel. It is a classic that is simple and cute.

Alternative spellings for the name June:

  • Junne
  • Joon

Nicknames for the name June:

  • Ju
  • Juju
  • Junie
  • Juni
  • Juny
  • Junia

Popularity of the name June:

As of 2020, the baby name June is a top 200 name, ranking at number 182 overall. This is the first time that June has been on the top 200 list since 1942 to 1959. June was a top 100 name prior to that from 1915 to 1941.

Related names for the name June:

Great middle names for June and their meanings:

Famous people with the name June:

  • June Allyson (actress, “Little Women”)
  • June Caprice (actress, “The Sky Ranger”)
  • June Haver (actress, “The Dolly Sisters”)
  • June Pointer (singer from The Pointer Sisters band)
  • June Miller (wife of author Henry Miller)
  • June Raphael (actress, “Long Shot”)
  • June Tabor (folk singer, “Airs and Graces”)

Junes in popular culture:

  • June Cleaver (character from “Leave It to Beaver”)
  • June McDaniel (character from “The Innocents”)
  • June (character from “Avatar: The Last Airbender”)
  • June (character from “Little Einsteins”)
  • June Boatwright (character from “The Secret Life of Bees”)
  • June Osborne (character from “The Handmaid's Tale”)
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