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Jane is the definitive classic name. Practical and pristine, the name Jane became fashionable among aristocrats of the 16th century before evolving into a staple of literary and popular culture. Jane Bennet is the name of the eldest sister in Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, and Jane Eyre is feisty heroine and titular protagonist of the novel by Charlotte Brontë. Keep reading to learn more about this iconic name.

Meaning and Origin of the name Jane:

Jane is an English girl's name of Hebrew origin meaning “God is gracious.”

Jane originated as the English version of the Old French name Jehanne. This name was the feminine variation of the Latin name Johannes (or Ioannes). The Latin spelling came from the Greek name Iōannēs. These Latin and Greek names ultimately derived from the Hebrew name Yochanan (meaning “God is gracious”). This Hebrew word is also the primary source of names like John, Jean, and Joan.

Symbolism of the name Jane:

Jane is a feminine version of the name Johannes (meaning “God is gracious”). During the 20th century, the name Jane was ubiquitous that it became a common colloquial placeholder (such as “Plain Jane” or “Jane Doe”). Prior to the modern period, however, Jane was an aristocratic name associated with royals like Jane Seymour (the favorite wife of Henry VIII). Her symbols included the unicorn, the phoenix, and the crown.

Nicknames for the name Jane:

Even though Jane is a short name, there are short nicknames as well as other nicknames for Jane. To help you find a nickname you like, we put together this list of nicknames for the baby name Jane. This list will help you find the right nickname or give you inspiration to create a nickname.

Baby name Jane

Style of the name Jane:


Gender of the name Jane:

Jane is a girl's name.

Pronunciation of the name Jane:


Number of syllables in the name Jane:


Emotion evoked from the name Jane:

The name Jane evokes feelings of goodness and gentility.

Alternative spellings for the name Jane:

  • Jayne
  • Jayn
  • Jaine
  • Jean
  • Jeane

Popularity of the name Jane:

According to the Social Security Administration index, Jane was the 265th most popular baby name for girls in 2020. Jane has ranked among the top 300 baby names for girls since 2015.

Great middle names for Jane and their meanings:

  • Adelaide (noble)
  • Chantal (stone, song)
  • Deborah (bee)
  • Emery (ruler)
  • Fiona (fair)
  • Maureen (star of the sea)
  • Lydia (beautiful, noble, from Lydia)
  • Philomena (powerful love)
  • Peyton (fighting man's estate)
  • Zephyrine (gentle breeze, west wind)

Famous people with the name Jane:

  • Jane Austen (novelist)
  • Jane Mallory Birkin (singer)
  • Jane Antonia Cornish (composer)
  • Jane Erin Carrey (daughter of actor Jim Carrey)
  • Jane Seymour Fonda (actress)
  • Jane Goodall (anthropologist)
  • Jane Katz (Olympic swimmer)
  • Jane Marie Lynch (actress)
  • Jane Louise McGrath (health activist)
  • Jane Geraldine Russell (actress)
  • Jane Bennet (eldest sister in Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen)
  • Jane Eyre (titular protagonist of the classic novel by Charlotte Brontë)
  • Jane Foster (Marvel Comics superheroine)
  • Jane Porter (love interest in the Tarzan series by Edgar Rice Burroughs)
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