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Gene is a straightforward name that is used as a gender-neutral option. Also, the name Gene initially began as a nickname. Read on to discover more information about the name.

Meaning of the name Gene:

Greek for “wellborn, noble”.

Origin of the name Gene:

Gene is a shortened version of “Eugene” and “Eugenia”, both of which stem from the Latin name “Eugenius”. In turn, that is a Latinized version of a Greek name “Eugenios”. This gives the name Gene Latin and Greek roots.

Symbolism of the name Gene:

Gene is a name that can symbolize someone of high standing. At the same time, the baby name Gene has a fun flair to it. This can allow Gene to also relate to someone who is a focal point in a family, one who is filled with hope.

Style of the name Gene:


Gender of the name Gene:

Gene is typically used as a gender-neutral baby name.

Pronunciation of the name Gene:


Number of syllables in the name Gene:


Emotion evoked from the name Gene:

Although the name Gene can bring up feelings of respect, the simplicity of the name also evokes a more laidback and relaxing vibe.

Alternative spellings for the name Gene:

  • Jean
  • Gean

Nicknames for the name Gene:

  • Geanie

Popularity of the name Gene:

With information from the Social Security Index, Gene saw most of its popularity through the 1900s. In 1937, Gene reached as high as #61.

Related names for the name Gene:

Great middle names for Gene and their meanings:


  • Sasha (defending men)
  • Chloe (young green shoot)
  • Jocelyn (member of the Gauts tribe)
  • Iris (rainbow)
  • Lyra (lyre)
  • Nicola (people of victory)
  • Lotus (lotus flower)
  • Blaire (dweller on the plain)


  • Theodore (gift of God)
  • Vincent (conquering)
  • Tobias (God is good)
  • Nico (people of victory)
  • Luke (man from Lucania)
  • Andrew (strong and manly)
  • Spencer (house steward, dispenser of provisions)
  • Lex (defending men)

Famous people with the name Gene:

  • Gene(stage name of Israeli-American Chaim Witz, co-lead singer of Kiss)
  • Gene Bradley (American football player)
  • Gene Pitney (American singer-songwriter)
  • Gene Wolfe (American science fiction author)
  • Gene Robillard (Canadian football player)
  • Gene Tierney (American film and stage actress)
  • Gene Noble (American singer-songwriter)

Genes in movies/pop culture:

  • Gene (a main character in “The Emoji Movie”)
  • Gene Belcher (a character in the animated TV show “Bob’s Burgers”)
  • Genecharacter in the video game “Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops”)
  • Gene (a character in the video game “God Hand”)
  • Gene(the character in the British TV shows “Ashes to Ashes” and “Life on Mars”)
  • Gene Friesen (a character in the TV show “Eastwick”)
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