Quickness. Agility. The ability to be nimble on the dime. All of these qualities are captured in this list of baby names that mean fast. From Suri, which means quickness, to Nyke, which means very fast and victorious, each of these names are unique and delightful. Take a look!

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  • Alamimo Hawaiian in its roots, this gender-neutral name stands for a fast-paced individual. It also has the meaning of successfulness.
  • Atanarjuat This name is Inuit in its origins. It stands for someone who can run quickly.
  • BoBo has many cultural origins. It traditionally means someone who has a fast-paced nature about them. Bo Jackson was an excellent football player who won a Heisman trophy.
  • Courage This name can stand for both quickness and someone who is brave in nature. It is Old English in origin.
  • Daytona Daytona is primarily American in origin. It stands for rapidness of pace. The Daytona 500 is a car race in America that has signified quickness for several years.
  • Ferrari This name is of Italian origin and obviously stands for speediness. It can also reference someone who has the job title of blacksmith. The Ferrari company makes very fast sports cars.
  • Fleet This name can be used for either a boy or a girl and means one who acts quickly. Fleet has Old English origins.
  • Gatty This name is very gender neutral. It has Scottish origins and means quickness and strength. Gatti may be used for an alternative spelling.
  • Holomakani This Hawaiian name is gender neutral. It stands for both freedom and quickness.
  • Java In addition to referencing an Island, this name is a gender-neutral choice referencing a fast person. It has Indonesian origins. Java also refers to a strong cup of coffee.
  • Jin In addition to meaning the baby is beautiful, this name also means quick in nature. The name Jin is of Chinese origin.
  • Kohana This Hawaiian name can be a great girl or boy name. It means someone who learns quickly or is quick.
  • Metro This name is English in origin. It stands for a quick and very spiritual individual. When people think of the name Metro, they often think of speedy subways.
  • Nimble Nimble has a variety of origins. It stands for light footedness and speed.
  • Nyke This name means both very fast and victorious. It has its origins in Greek culture.
  • Quick Quick has many different cultural origins. It stands for someone who is very lively and speedy.
  • Rapid This name has both French and Latin origins. It stands for a fast-paced individual.
  • Sprint Sprint has Scottish origins. The name stands for a person who is both very fast and lively.
  • Suka Suka has Inuit origins. It stands for someone who is quite fast and stabile.
  • Suri This name is a great gender-neutral name choice. It means quickness and has both Hebrew and Persian origins. It can mean rose or ostrich as well.
  • Swift This name stands for quickness and agility. It is traditionally an Old English name. Swifte, Swifte and Swifty are alternative variations.
  • TalonThis name has French, Irish and English origins. Tallen is another variation of spelling.
  • Tivra Tivra has origins in Hindu culture. It means both strong and fast.
  • Tu This name has Vietnamese origins. It signifies speed and the capability for intelligence.
  • Tuwawi This is a traditional Inuit name. The name means speediness and denotes someone who has a lot of stability in their life.

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