If you envision your child being bright and vibrant, go ahead and set the stage by giving them one of these baby names that mean colorful. Each of the below baby names is either inspired by a color, gives nod to colors with meanings like “rainbow,” or literally means “colorful.” Explore the intriguing options and their origins and meaning and find the perfect names for your little love!

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  • Sable A gender-neutral name of Balto-Slavic origins, Sable means “black.” It's also the name of an animal in Northeast Asia and Japan. The name Sable is said to represent beautiful dark-skinned girls.
  • Ivory The name Ivory means “As white as an elephant's trunk.” The name is gender-neutral and has English origins.
  • Mauve This name for girls means “A purplish color” in English. In French, its country of origin, Mauve means mallow plant.
  • Chavatangakwunua Meaning ‘short rainbow,' this unusual name has Native American origins. It is very rarely used as a name but works for girls and boys.
  • KellyA fairly common name for girls, Kelly means “bright-headed.” The name has Irish origins.
  • Ngan The name Ngan means “colorful, face.” It has Japanese origins but in the U.S. is an original, fun name for a boy.
  • Arcus A name suitable for a girl or boy, Arcus means “Goddess of the rainbow.” The name has English origins though is not popularly used.
  • Rangeen The name Rangeen means colorful in Hindu. When people hear the name Rangeen, they consider you a strong and powerful person.
  • Cyan A gender-neutral name, Cyan means “light blue-green color.” The name is of American origin.
  • Emerald This beautiful name for girls represents the “green-blue” color. It is a beautiful name with English origins. People named Emerald are said to be reliable, practical, and hard-working.
  • Azul A simple gender-neutral name meaning ‘blue,' Azul has Spanish origins. In the U.S. the name is uncommon.
  • Gin A name that originated in Japan, Gin is good for boys and girls. It means “silver” and is rarely used in the U.S.
  • DiorThe name Dior has French origins and means “golden.” The sophisticated, friendly name is most often associated with fashion designer Christian Dior.
  • Blu The name Blu simply means “a color.” The sky and ocean are both blue in color, making this name one that is relaxing and calming. Beyonce named her daughter Blu Ivy.
  • Azur The name Azur means “sky blue.” It has Spanish origins. This is a simple name for boys.
  • Flannery A name most commonly used as a boy's name, Flannery means “red eyebrows.” It is popular in the UK but not as much in the US. Boys named Flannery are artistic and creative.
  • Pink Pink is a beautiful color most commonly associated with girls. It is also the name of a popular rock singer. Girls named Pink always stand out in a crowd.
  • OliveThe name Olive is simple and easy to pronounce. It represents the olive tree, which is green in color.
  • Alani This simple name means “orange tree.” It has Hawaiian origins.
  • Mazarin This name is spell-binding. It means “dark blue color” and has French origins.
  • CoralThis is a name for girls that traces back to the Victorian era. It means “pinkish-orange color” and can also refer to sea life. The name is simple yet intriguing.
  • Karafuru This gender-neutral name means “colorful” in Japanese. Give a child this name if you want an original and fun name.
  • Viridian First used in the 1860s, the name Viridian means “green.” It has Old English origins.
  • Afra The name Afra has Arabic origins. It means “whitish red.”
  • Alhambra A name of Arabic origin meaning “the red,” Alhambra is rarely heard in the U.S. It's most commonly a name used for boys.

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