This list of baby names that mean color is filled with a rainbow of options. Whether you're looking for a name that gives nod to an actual hue, or you'd rather have a name that literally means color, you'll find options galore. Keep reading to find the perfect baby name for your little one!

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  • Alba Alba is a unique name that was popular during the 18th century and stands for the color white. Albus is an alternative spelling and a character from the Harry Potter franchise.
  • AmberAmber is an Arabic name for girls that stands for a rich shade of orange with brown tones. It can also refer to fossilized resin.
  • AmethystParents who love shades of purple will like the name Amethyst, which is a shade of purple. Amy is a cute nickname that goes along with this name.
  • AshleyThe name Ashley comes from an old English word for the color gray. Both this name and its nickname Ash are suitable for boys and girls.
  • Blue Blue is the name of a masculine color that started as a traditional color for girls. Another way to spell this unisex name is Blu.
  • Bowie In Gaelic, Bowie is a term that describes the color yellow. Often used as a boy's name, it's popular among fans of singer David Bowie.
  • Boyd Boyd is another Gaelic term that refers to a shade of yellow. This is a boy's name and the name of a brand of teddy bears called Boyd's Bears.
  • Burgundy Long before it became the name of a color, Burgundy was a boy's name. It did not begin to describe the rich color until the 1880s.
  • CarmineCarmine is popular among Italians but began as a boy's name in French and Arabic cultures first as a bright shade of red. The feminine version of the name is Carmen.
  • CherrySome parents love the bright and cheerful nature of this name, which describes the bright color of cherries. Other ways to spell this name include Cherrie and Cherie.
  • Coco Coco is a popular name for girls and stands for a warm shade of cocoa brown. Also spelled as Cocoa, many associate this name with designer Coco Chanel.
  • CoralIn the ocean, coral reefs are a gorgeous shade of pinky peach. Coral comes from a Latin term for the reef and is a suitable girl's name.
  • Crystal Crystal can refer to clear and light colors as well as ice. There are many ways to spell this girl's name, including Krystal and Cristal.
  • Daffodil Anyone who loves flowers will like the name Daffodil, which represents the bright yellow color of the flowers of the same name. Daffodil was originally Latin but often associated with the United States.
  • Fiona Fiona comes from a Gaelic term for the color white. It can also mean someone with fair and was the name of the princess from the Shrek franchise.
  • Fuchsia Though not as popular as other color names are, Fuchsia is a fun shade of bright pink. This girl's name comes from a modern Latin term.
  • GarnetGarnet is the French word for the deep red gemstone of the same name. Though it's often used as a girl's name, it's also suitable for boys.
  • JadeJade is a classic shade of green that usually has some blue tones. Though it has Spanish roots, the name is popular in many regions.
  • KellyKelly green is a bright green color with a hint of yellow. This Irish unisex name has multiple spellings, including Kelley and Kelli.
  • ReedThe English word Reed means red and often stands for someone with reddish skin. Though often used as a boy's name, Reed is also a girl's name.
  • RubyRubies are gemstones that come in different shades of red, which led to this girl's name. It has Latin roots and several alternative spellings such as Rubie.
  • RowanIn Gaelic, Rowan can mean a person with red hair or just the color red. Some know it as the name of the actor behind Mr. Bean.
  • SiennaCrayola named its reddish-brown crayon Sienna. Sienna is often associated with actress Sienna Miller.
  • Silver Silver is a metallic color with hints of grey. Though often used as a person's last name, Silver also ranks as a unisex first name today.
  • Sky Sky is a fun and adorable name for girls that means the blue color of the sky. Some choose to spell this Old Norse name as Skye.

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