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With potential Italian, Hebrew, Latin, and Aramaic roots, Carmine has been a popular name in the United States for years, though it fell out of favor during the 1970s. Over the last couple of decades, it has been trying to make a comeback. The exact origins of the name are unclear, but it's associated with everything from a crimson red color to the Virgin Mary. It's also been a popular name in pop culture through the years.

Meaning and Origin of the Name Carmine:

The baby name Carmine has three potential meanings. The first is that it's derived from “karmel,” which is the Hebrew word for garden. Another is that it's from the Latin word “carmīnis,” which means song. There is also some speculation that Carmine is derived from an old Aramaic word that means “crimson”. The name may have connections to the Virgin Mary through one of her nicknames.

Symbolism of the Name Carmine:

Depending on which meaning you relate to, Carmine could symbolize someone who is musical or the bounty of a garden or harvest. The color red — or crimson — can symbolize passion, love or excitement. Christians may relate Carmine to the nicknames for the Virgin Mary, Our Lady of Mount Carmel or Virgin of Carmel.

Nicknames for the Name Carmine:

Struggling to come up with a good nickname for Carmine? Worry no more! We've got the best list of Carmine nicknames for you right here:

  • Car
  • Cam 
  • Carm
  • Carmy
  • Mins
  • Armi
  • Amis
  • Car-Car
  • Carl
  • Mino
  • Ino
  • Carms
  • Cars

Style of the Name Carmine:


Gender of the Name Carmine:

Carmine is a boy's name.

Pronunciation of the Name Carmine:


Number of Syllables in the Name Carmine:


Emotion Evoked From the Name Carmine:

The baby name Carmine evokes images of someone who is lively and passionate about life.

Alternative Spellings for the Name Carmine:

  • Karmine

Popularity of the Name Carmine:

According to the Social Security Administration, Carmine was a top 1,000 baby name for boys until 1973. It reemerged on the list in 2005 until 2007, and it last ranked at number 934 in 2007.

Great Middle Names for Carmine and Their Meanings:

Famous People with the Name Carmine:

  • Carmine (character in the movie “Wild”)
  • Carmine (character on the TV show “Little Einsteins”)
  • Carmine Falcone (character from the DC Comics universe)
  • Carmine Lupertazzi (character on the TV show “The Sopranos”)
  • CarmineBig Ragoo” Ragusa (character on the TV show “Laverne & Shirley”)
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