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Drake as a name has been around for a very long time. During the seventh century, Drake referred to any person who was tough and fearsome. It has been a popular name for quite a while. With famous people such as rapper, actor, producer Drake (Drake Graham) who has also graced both the big and little screens showing off his acting chops. Keep reading to find out more about this baby name.

Meaning and Origin of the name Drake:

Drake is a boy's name of English origin meaning “dragon” or “male duck.”

Drake has been around since at least the seventh century to describe toughness in a person. Drake may have derived from the Middle English word drake (meaning “male duck”). This name may also have derived from the Old English word draca, the Old Norse word dreki, both meaning mean “dragon,” “sea serpent,” or “sea monster.” Both draca and dreki are derived from the Proto-Germanic *drakō, which was borrowed from Latin draco (meaning “huge serpent” or “dragon”).

Symbolism of the name Drake:

Drake symbolizes toughness along with creativity. With a meaning like “dragon” it shows off a fearsome and tough warrior type but it also shows the creativity involved in envisioning how a dragon would be and act.

Nicknames for the name Drake:

Drake is one of those names for boys that doesn't really have nicknames associated with it. We have listed a few nicknames below, but you may want to create a personalized nickname instead of using one from this list. You can create a nickname like Drakie-poo or Drake the Snake.

  • Dee
  • Drakie
  • Draco
Baby name Drake

Style of the name Drake:


Gender of the name Drake:

Drake is most often given to baby boys.

Pronunciation of the name Drake:


Syllables in the name Drake:


Emotion evoked from the name Drake:

The name Drake evokes a feeling of fortitude, toughness, and creativity.

Alternative spellings for the name Drake:

  • Drayk
  • Draek

Popularity of the name Drake:

According to the Social Security Administration index, Drake was the 533rd most popular boy name in 2020. It had its highest ranking in the last 20 years in 2010, when it ranked 196th in the most popular names list.

Draco, Derick, Drew, Duke, Dane

Great middle names for Drake and their meanings:

  • Cameron (Crooked nose)
  • Everett (Brave boar)
  • Hudson (Son of Hudd)
  • Mercer (Storekeeper)
  • Ryder (Mounted warrior)
  • Xannon (Ancient God)

Famous people with the name Drake:

  • Drake (rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer and actor)
  • Drake Bell (actor)
  • Drake White (singer)
  • Drake Batherson (hockey player)
  • Drake Hogestyn (actor)

Drake in movies/pop culture:

  • Drake Parker (character in “Drake & Josh”)
  • Drake (character in the film “Blade: Trinity”)
  • Drake Mallard (character in the animated series “Darkwing Duck”)
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